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Toby Wreathway’s 2024 NFL Mock Draft

My rankings are hastily assembled and only feature players I’ve had “time” to watch. So, if you are wondering, “hey where the f is Sergio Beefweasel on your WR list”, well, I didn’t get a chance to watch anything on Sergio Beefweasel so he’s not on the list. I may look at him later and think he’s awesome.

NFC and AFC Championship Picks.

NFC and AFC Championship Picks

So it turns out that I am not “Playoff Toby”, but rather “Layoff Toby”, as I am likely to be laid off following the disastrous week I just had. Managed a perfect 0-4 last week. It’s almost impressive how bad my predictions were.

NFL Wildcard Weekend: Picks for Every Game.

NFL Wildcard Weekend: Picks for Every Game

Of course I had one more losing week in me, as my week 16 picks went 7-8-1 and closed out my terrible season. At least my top games went 2-1-1, with the only loss being the game I called an absolute surefire lock. I couldn’t tell a betting lock from Drew Lock at this point, so don’t listen to me.