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We are a place built by writers, for writers.


We want Godzilla Wins to be a place where writers of different skill sets can explore their craft, push themselves into new areas of creativity, and feel supported to pursue whatever goals they have set for themselves.


Godzilla Wins is your GO-TO source for picking college and pro-football winners! Win or go home! Read every day! On the weekends, tune into the Godzilla Wins Radio Show! Each week, our esteemed panel of college and pro-football handicappers will give you their analysis and selections Against The Spread (ATS). No nonsense and no fluff. Just winners! Dump the ritzy shows that don't know crap and pick losers. We give you WINNERS! Godzilla Wins Radio Show airs LIVE on the John Fredericks Media Network and the John Fredericks Radio App -- NFL and College Picks on Saturday 8:30-10 AM and NFL on Sunday 10- 11 AM.


It Started with a Newsletter

John Fredericks has always been an avid sports fan, consumer, and handicapper. During his daily political talk radio show, he would often regale his listeners with the emotional torment or triumph of his favorite teams, the Tennessee Titans and the Houston Astros.  Longtime listeners of his show will recall the two Astros World Series championships, the Titans’ early playoff exits, and the many stories of John on the road with his youngest son, Joseph, as they traveled from one travel baseball tournament to the next. 

But his love for sports and handicapping started much earlier. 

In his early twenties, John trained standardbred racehorses in the New Jersey circuit. He stuttered throughout his childhood and the safety of the stables  made for a natural transition into adulthood. You see, horses communicate. Sometimes better than humans. They read body language, demonstrate sadness, joy. They let you know when they’re tired or anxious. If you pay close attention, you can learn how to talk to humans by first communicating with horses. John learned how to intuit a horse’s needs, respect its raw power, tame its proclivity for wildness, and encourage it to perform under immense pressure.

Horses are his first love – a love inextricably linked with sports, competition, and handicapping. 

So in 2020, seized by the boredom bought on by the pandemic, John decided to start a newsletter. The pitch? He would handicap every NFL game. Every week. He’d make his picks, have some fun, and win some games. What he didn’t expect was the outpouring of support from his avid listeners, spurred on by an incredible two seasons of handicapping, where he won over 60% of his picks. 

As the newsletter grew, so did the demand for more sports content. That’s when he came up with the idea – one of many John has had over his illustrious career – to start a sports handicapping website: Godzilla Wins

But he couldn’t do it alone. So he brought in his oldest son, Jack Fredericks, and Reno handicapping legend, Nate Perry. 

In August of 2022, John, Jack, and Nate launched Godzilla Wins. They started the website and their flagship Saturday Picks radio show from their kitchen table, scheduling conference calls to hammer out a business model. They had no money to invest. No writers to pay. No experience with SEO strategy or odds tickers. But they knew a little about football and a lot about sports betting. 

Godzilla Wins: Where Quality Writing Meets Sports Betting Content

The idea for Godzilla Wins is simple: sports betting content meets quality writing. Jack and Nate’s background in creative writing have propelled the website’s modus operandi from the early days of publishing. We think of ourselves as a website for writers. We give our writers the freedom to pursue their own interests, develop their style and voice, and make sharp picks with excellent analysis. 

Godzilla Wins publishes passion. We don’t make demands on content or set quotas for popular sports. We like to publish picks on everything from the NFL to the Bundesliga. The most important thing to us is that our authors can demonstrate their passion in their writing.

They solidified this approach with some incredible columns from passionate fans with a flare for the written word. Columns like Behind the Hedges, Flying with the Flock, and Dispatches from Behind the Bar allowed our writers to show their personality, write about their favorite sport or team, and have fun doing it. 

As we continue to grow, we are looking to publish terrific writing from exciting new voices in the sports media world. If you have an idea for a column or would like to write for us, please contact



  • Dan Angell, Contributor

    Dan is originally from Virginia and has covered basketball games across the country over the past 18 years. He now resides in Indianapolis and loves a good defensive showcase. His Twitter @danangell11.

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  • John Fredericks, Publisher

    John Fredericks, the Godzilla of Truth, has spent more than 40 years in the media, previously working as a journalist, newspaper editor, and television host. Fredericks is an avid sports fan, journalist, and handicapper. He brings his unique voice and style, crafted by years of political commentary broadcast on the airwaves, to the world of sports. He cut his teeth on the radio announcing high school football, basketball and baseball games. His weekly column, You Can't Buy Culture, follows ebbs and flows of a diehard fan at the whims of his favorite teams.

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  • James Tillman III, Contributor

    James is an accounting professional by day and a freelance writer at night. James has been publishing sports content for over 13 years for various outlets. The list includes FanSided, Latest Basketball News, Odds USA, Last Word on Sports, (OBCOM), and Sportsbook Review James always researches team/player trends to ensure he is offering his betting audience the best advice possible. Simply put, he takes his writing very seriously. He is an NBA handicapper who keeps a watchful eye on most of the sports leagues. His preferences, when it comes to betting content, pertain to the NBA and the NFL. Alongside his work for Godzilla Wins and, James has also published sports betting content with other betting sites such as ODDS USA and Eat Watch Bet. Although betting on sports is never an exact science, James always does his best to keep it simple when it comes to offering predictions on games, which in turn, inspires confidence in novice bettors.

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  • Nate Perry, Senior Analyst #NoPickNate

    Nate Perry is a career college educator and literary writer who tends bar to get the inside scoop on sports. He makes his living in hardscrabble downtown Reno, Nevada. A sports handicapper by trade, Nate is legendary at the sportsbook in Reno. If you can gamble on it, chances are Nate has tried his hand at it. He's a former fiction writer who has turned to writing about sports in a desperate bid to get published, much to the chagrin of nearly everyone around him. He is featured here with his extremely large dog, Boatswain.

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  • Jack Fredericks, Editor

    Jack Fredericks is the editor of Godzilla Wins. He has a M.A. Literature and the Environment and a M.A. in Teaching. He covers the NFL, college football, and the NBA. He combines his unique perspective with advanced metrics to provide robust analysis for your enjoyment. Twitter: @JohnMattFred

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  • Trent Conner, Contributor

    Trent Conner is a skilled MMA and college basketball betting analyst with years of experience in the industry. He uses his extensive knowledge of the sport to provide insightful analysis and accurate fight predictions. Trent stays on top of the latest betting trends and is passionate about helping sports bettors make informed decisions.

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  • Manpreet Jhass, Contributor

    Manpreet Jhass has been around the MMA game as more than a fan for over 12 years. From working behind the scenes with the UFC, to helping operate regional events in the Ontario, Canada region, and a plethora of other positions within the industry, he has seen it all. Since 2017 he has been producing content covering the sport from an analytical perspective and is always a reliable source for in depth knowledge regarding the sport.

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  • Brian Butcher, Contributor

    Brian Butcher is Indiana-born but Georgia-raised. He knows next to nothing about sports gambling or journalism, but his unhealthy obsession with the Georgia Bulldogs compels him to write down his frenzied thoughts on the Dawgs.

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  • Peter Kriebel, Contributor

    Peter Kriebel is a contributor for Godzilla Wins covering the Baltimore Ravens with his Flying with the Flock column. An obsessed Ravens fan, Peter Kriebel has experienced it all watching his favorite team. He’s had plenty of holidays spoiled, days ruined, and weeks tainted but also had his fair share of excitement. He finds himself religiously glued to the couch each season, ready to be hurt again. He is currently a freshman at the University of Virginia pursuing sports media and journalism.

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  • Austen Cain, Contributor

    Austen Cain is a regular contributor to Godzilla Wins. In his column "Premier League Picks" he will cover the top Premier League soccer matches offering insight, stats, and odds on each match. Soccer has been a huge part of his life since he was 3 years old. He grew up in Eastern Tennessee where the only time you're taught to kick a ball is between two uprights and even though his father never went to his games, he still found love in the sport the moment his mother put that Barcelona onesie on him. He is a soccer fanatic that loves both watching and playing the game. He's also an engineer that is obsessed with numbers and statistics. With those powers combined he is THE Senior Premier League Analyst.

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  • Matthew Wadleigh, Contributor

    Matthew has been covering sports for a half dozen years and originated in Southern California. He now lives in Fresno and is a Fresno State alum.

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  • Mitch Rogers, Contributor

    Mitch Rogers is a contributor for Godzilla Wins covering the Pittsburgh Steelers. An avid Steelers fan since birth, he holds nothing back when covering his team riding the highs and feeling the lows. He has a journalism degree from West Virginia University and has worked professionally in print, television, radio/podcasting and is now a weekly contributor to Godzilla Wins.

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  • Toby Wreathway, Contributor

    Toby lives in Miami and wagers primarily on NFL games in the hopes that he can use his winnings on bottle service at the club. Every season he crunches the numbers and then crunches those numbers even harder in order to solve life's most pressing quandary - "who is this year's good bad team?".

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  • Tamhas Woods, Contributor

    Tamhas Woods is a soccer specialist and full member of the Football Writers' Association over in the UK. He also has an MA in Sports Broadcast Journalism from Staffordshire University.

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  • Godzilla Wins
  • Darian Kelly, Contributor

    A sports, business, and technology enthusiast, Darian Kelly hosts The Jersey Podcast. His blog, The Jersey Sports Blog, shares insights on the intersection of sports, business, and technology. In addition to a keen desire to capture the essence of storytelling in the sports business world, Darian brings a unique perspective to his content as a sports business writer contributor to Business of College Sports.

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  • Jayden Thiel, Contributor

    Jayden Thiel is a Godzilla Wins analyst and contributor. He covers all New York-based sports teams, but focuses specifically on the Giants, Rangers, and Yankees.

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  • Jay Delsing

    Jay Delsing was born in St louis Missouri. His father played Major League baseball for 10 years and was a member for the World Champion New York Yankees in 1949. Jay received a golf scholarship from UCLA where he became a 2 time All American and was a prominent part of perhaps the best college golf team of all time. (Cory Pavin, Tom Pernice, Duffy Waldorf and Steve Pate all played on that team). After graduating from UCLA in 1983, Delsing earned his PGA Tour Card in 1984. Jay played in nearly 700 PGA / Tour events earning over 4 million dollars in prize money. He has 7 professional wins to his credit including the Fort Smith Classic, The Omaha Classic as well as the Gerald Ford Invitational in Vail Colorado. Four years ago Fox Sports added Jay to their broadcast team and this past June’s US Open Championship at Shinnecock Golf Club in Long Island, New York marked his fourth consecutive national open coverage for Fox Sports. Jay also enjoys working for PGATourLive which is the Tour’s own network. In April of 2018, Jay was inducted into the St Louis Sports Hall of Fame. Jay founded The First Tee of St Louis in 2005 as well as Jay Delsing Golf (1990) which provides corporate entertainment and hospitality throughout the country. The Jay Delsing Foundation of Jerseyville Illinois supports Junior golf in that rural area. Jay currently owns/hosts Golf with Jay Delsing on 101 ESPN (and then is podcasted) heard throughout the Midwest.

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  • Donny Diamond, Contributor

    Donny Diamond is an indy league baseball legend. Stories of him are told throughout the country and his slider is the stuff of legend. He watches four times more baseball than your therapist would recommend and devotes much of his other time to thinking about baseball.

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  • Paul DePalma, Contributor
  • Chris O'Brien, Contributor

    Chris O'Brien is an NBA Godzilla Wins analyst and handicapper.

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  • Cameron Berg, Contributor