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Will Jeff Bezos Buy the Celtics?

Will Jeff Bezos Buy the Celtics?

The 18-time NBA champion Boston Celtics will soon be in the market for new ownership. NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski recently revealed that Boston Celtics majority owner Wyc Grousbeck has made the team “available for sale.” The announcement comes as a surprise to many, considering the Celtics’ stellar season and championship run. Read will Jeff Bezos buy the Celtics?

Championship Mindset

The Boston Celtics thrived in several vital categories this past season, finishing with an impressive 64-18 record and securing the top spot in the NBA Eastern Conference under the leadership of Coach Joe Mazzulla. The team, managed by executive Brad Stevens, excelled offensively, ranking second in points per game (120.6) and boasting the league’s best offensive rating (123.2).

Defensively, the Celtics were equally formidable, allowing just 109.2 points per game (5th in the league) and achieving the third-best defensive rating (111.6). Their overall dominance is reflected in their league-leading net rating of +11.6 and their SRS (Simple Rating System) of 10.74, the highest in the NBA. Despite their slower pace (97.2, 23rd in the league), the Celtics’ efficiency on both ends of the court translated to an expected win-loss record of 66-16, the best in the NBA.

These statistics highlight the Celtics’ excellence in both offense and defense. The team scored efficiently and kept their opponents’ scoring in check. Their top offensive and defensive ratings and the best net rating in the league underscore their dominance. Such performance metrics testify to the team’s well-rounded skill set and strategic prowess.

According to Sports Media Pro, the Celtics were acquired for $360 million in 2002. 

However, the family stated that they have “decided to sell the team for estate and family planning considerations.”

In 2023, Forbes estimated the Celtics’ value at $4.7 billion. The team’s value has likely increased since they won the championship. The Boston basketball franchise is now valued at over $5 billion, according to Sportico.

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Enter Jeff Bezos

One of the more intriguing stories to emerge this week is a report that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has sold $5 billion worth of Amazon stock.

This move has fueled speculation that Bezos might be preparing to purchase the Boston Celtics. This would not be Bezos’ first attempt to purchase a sports team. He had vigorous pursuits to buy the Washington Commanders until he was outbid by Josh Harris, managing partner of NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers and NHL’s New Jersey Devils, with a $6.05 billion offer.

If Bezos manages to purchase the Boston Celtics, it would be the latest in a series of high-profile NBA team sales.

Last year, the Phoenix Suns were sold to Mat Ishbia, and Michael Jordan sold his equity stake in the Charlotte Hornets to Rick Schnall and Gabe Plotkin. The potential acquisition by Bezos further highlights the growing trend of tech billionaires entering the sports ownership arena.

Ponder This

Outside of Bezos being a potential suitor, some believe Boston Red Sox owner John W. Henry could take the reins as Boston Celtics owner.

However, Henry has faced significant criticism for prioritizing the financial well-being of the franchise over making moves to ensure long-term success. The trade of franchise-changing player Mookie Betts and the Red Sox’s bottom-of-the-division finishes have raised concerns about whether Henry would bring the same mindset to the Celtics if he became an owner.

This would starkly contrast to the Celtics’ current state, which has one of the highest team payrolls in the league. The Celtics have effectively utilized their financial resources, drafting stars like Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown and acquiring key players like Kristaps Porzingis and arguably the best defensive guard of the past decade, Jrue Holiday.

Maintaining this level of strategic investment is crucial for the Celtics’ continued success.

As the Boston Celtics prepare for new ownership, the potential involvement of figures like Jeff Bezos and John W. Henry brings excitement and concern. Bezos’ potential acquisition could get a fresh wave of innovation and investment to the franchise, while Henry’s track record raises questions about his commitment to competitive excellence.

Regardless of who takes over, the next owner will inherit a team with a rich history, a strong roster, and a fanbase eager to see continued success on the court.


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