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NFL Draft Betting Strategies

Betting on the NFL Draft is one of my favorite parts of the spring. This is a time when you’re analyzing what teams are likely to do with their personnel, as opposed to worrying about what a player will do during competition.

Toby Wreathway’s 2024 NFL Mock Draft

My rankings are hastily assembled and only feature players I’ve had “time” to watch. So, if you are wondering, “hey where the f is Sergio Beefweasel on your WR list”, well, I didn’t get a chance to watch anything on Sergio Beefweasel so he’s not on the list. I may look at him later and think he’s awesome.

Michigan vs. Washington Staff Picks

Michigan vs. Washington Staff Picks

Will Jim Harbaugh vindicate his season and fend off the cheating scandal that has embroiled the Michigan football program this season? Can the Huskies win a national title for the PAC-12 during the last season of the conference’s existence? Read below for our expert staff picks for the game tonight.