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UGA 2023 Fall Injury Report

UGA 2023 Fall Injury Report

UGA 2023 FALL INJURY REPORT – The list keeps getting longer. Unfortunately, the Dawgs continue to add to the injury list, without anyone making major strides in getting better this fall.

Brock Bowers has been limited in use, as well as Ladd McConkey and some other key players. Let’s look at a run-down of who is hurt, who is healing. 

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The Offense

RB Kendal Milton. Milton’s 45th hamstring injury continues to improve. He did not scrimmage but Kirby insists he is close to returning. He is yet to hit his top speed. I don’t expect to see Milton week 1, but I could be wrong. Smart was optimistic about his return, “I think he’s really close. He’s been out for a while.”

RB Branson Robinson continues to heal from his foot injury. He was used sparingly in Georgia’s scrimmage this weekend, didn’t really get hit. I also expect Robinson to not play week 1. 

Receiver Core

TE Lawson Luckie suffered a high ankle sprain this week in practice. The freshman tight end was impressing coaches so far since coming as an early-enrollee in January. Unfortunately, he’ll likely be out for some time as he underwent a procedure (possibly the tight rope surgery?) to speed up the healing process.

WR Jackson Meeks suffered a stress injury in his foot. He’ll be out for the foreseeable future, but Smart was hoping it will be just a couple of weeks. We’re hoping we can get him back for the first game because it was earlier last week.” Meeks is a big contributor on special teams and his absence will be noticed.

WR RaRa Thomas has been limited in the fall due to some sort of injury. I expect he’ll be good to go week 1. However, I also expect he’ll not see a ton of snaps as he still is learning the offense.

The Linemen

OL Earnest Greene. Greene is projected to win the left tackle spot, but left Saturday’s scrimmage with an ankle injury. You’ll see a trend with ankle injuries on this list. The good news is that Kirby Smart says he was able to go back in before being held out due to precaution.

The bad news is that no injury report can be trusted from Kirby Smart unless the injury is severe. Smart on Greene, “Earnest got a little banged up today. He went back in and played, so I don’t know how serious it was. It was an ankle so I don’t know if it was a low ankle or a high ankle. He felt like he was hurt, came back in and played, played about 10 or 11 plays, then it bothered him and we shut him down.”

OL Xavier Truss. The senior left guard was hurt on the same play that Greene was injured on. Smart again believes it to be minor. “Truss got dinged up on the same play. Truss went out, Truss came back and played.”

I would expect him to miss multiple games this fall. “We had Arian Smith come back in 3 or 4 weeks from a similar injury. We had guys take 5 weeks, guys take 6 weeks. I can’t tell you. I don’t know. It’s how he handles it and how he tolerates his recovery.”

The Defense

LB Smael Mondon is running, but still is not practicing with the team. Fans learned about his injury at the same time as Robinson’s, but it appears Robinson is further ahead in his recovery. Mondon is expected to miss several games. “Smael is running really fast. He’s exercising. He’s not practicing. He’ll be able to do some drill work Monday. He’s come along very well. He’s very passionate about getting back. He’s not sure. He’s running. The first test of that foot is how much soreness comes when he runs, and he’s been great.”

LB Raylen Wilson hyper-extended his knee in the first fall scrimmage. He was able to walk off the field on his own, but I would expect him not to see the field quickly due to the injury and being lower on the depth chart. 

DB Kamari Lassiter was able to have limited participation in the scrimmage. He was not allowed to tackle. “Kamari was in a black shirt, that just keeps him from getting quite as much of a full-on load. When you’re a corner and you’ve got a foot or ankle injury, it’s hard. You can either play or you can’t. He took the volume of reps, he covered and played, but he’s not where he made a tackle. He’d tag off. But he felt very good. It’s been tender and sore after he practices, so it’s kind of been a day on and day off, day on and day off. So, we’re doing what the doctor’s say, we’re bringing him back slowly and listening to his body.”

DB Joenel Aguero has a grade 1 hamstring injury. Grade 1 injuries are minor, not the most severe, so hopefully he can return soon. “I don’t know when he’ll be back,” Smart remarked.

Ron Courson

Georgia’s Ron Courson has his hands full trying to get all the players rehabilitated and ready for game. The clock’s ticking on the season beginning. While Georgia doesn’t have the same quality of opponent in week 1 as the last two years, many players still need to get valuable reps in, and their injuries are impeding their development. Smart noted that the Dawgs are not where they need to be yet after two scrimmages. He said the last two years Georgia has been further along after two scrimmages than they are this year. 

Time will tell if injuries will hamper the Dawgs’ season. Or perhaps Kirby is saying everything he needs to in order to keep his guys motivated. Week 1 awaits!


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