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MLB Opening Day Power Rankings

MLB Opening Day Power Rankings

MLB OPENING DAY POWER RANKINGS – Opening Day is here for Major League Baseball, except for the Dodgers and Padres, who played a series in December or something, and everyone is alight with excitement. Can the Braves grab another championship? Will the Dodgers move on from the Shohei scandal? Are the Oakland Athletics a real team?

While the top of the league might be full of super teams, there are a lot of surprises lurking in the shadows. Every week, I will bring you your MLB power rankings for the 2024 season. See how each team moves up and down the board week-to-week in our Godzilla Wins MLB power rankings.

Read below and don’t forget to check out our Godzilla Wins Daily Picks for all of your winners.


Team Record



Atlanta Braves 0-0

Atlanta should be the most feared team in baseball. They have a potent offense and a mature rotation. This team is built for the World Series. 

2 Los Angeles Dodgers 1-1 The Dodgers are beset by a serious scandal involving their new star, Shohei Ohtani, but the chaos should fade when this team starts winning games. Yamamoto will be fine and the Dodgers can expect to eclipse the 100 game win mark yet again. 
3 Baltimore Orioles 0-0 The Orioles are dealing with some nagging injuries to the backend of their rotation, but should be able to use their success last year to propel them to an AL pennant. This is a mature team hungry to right the wrongs of last October. 
4 Houston Astros 0-0 Every year we think the Astros will begin to fade into mediocrity and every year they prove us wrong. 
5 Tampa Bay Rays 0-0 The young pitching staff will help the Rays mount a formidable season yet again. I don’t know where they keep getting these arms, but watch out for Zack Littel. 
6 Philadelphia Phillies 0-0 The Phillies might be a lot higher on this list if it weren’t for the Atlanta Braves. Even still, this team continues to show us why they are perennially feared in October. I expect nothing different this season. 
7 Seattle Mariners 0-0 I picked the Mariners to win the AL West last year because I continue to be enamored with Julio Rodriguez’s upside. He is Seattle’s Lisan al Ghaib. 
8 Texas Rangers 0-0 The Rangers won the World Series last year. Good for them. 
9 Chicago Cubs 0-0 I have the Cubs a little higher than some other power rankings, because I think the offense will be one of the NL’s best this year. The NL Central is weak and the Cubs are dangerous. 
10 Minnesota Twins 0-0 If the Twins can keep everyone healthy, they have one of the best offenses in baseball. (Correa won’t have a season like last year). I worry about Buxton’s health, as does everyone, but they could move up in the power rankings pretty quickly. 
11 New York Yankees 0-0 Too many injuries to some of their biggest weapons. We’ll see if they move up after a week or so. 
12 Arizona Diamondbacks 0-0 Nobody expected the Diamondbacks to small-ball their way to the World Series last year, but that’s exactly what they did. They’ve added some home run potential to the lineup, but it’s hard to know what to think of this team until we see them play a month of baseball. 
13 Toronto Blue Jays 0-0 I was tempted to move the Blue Jays down even further, because of the Gausman injury. We’ll have to see how Toronto handles the adversity. 
14 Cincinnati Reds 0-0 I might be a little too high on the Reds, considering the suspension to Noelvi Marte and the injuries to Matt McLain and TJ Friedl. Elly De La Cruz has such massive upside that I am optimistic the Reds can push the Cubs for an NL Central title. 
15 San Francisco Giants 0-0 The Giants can ride some strong pitching at the top of the rotation to a plus-.500 winning percentage. I worry about the lack of offensive firepower, but that can often emerge when the pitching is so strong at the top half of the rotation. 
16 San Diego Padres 1-1 The Padres may have lost Soto, Snell, and Hader, but they are not without offensive firepower. Dylan Cease can anchor the rotation and the Padres can easily climb up out of the middle of the pack in the power rankings to emerge as a powerhouse. If that doesn’t happen by July, expect them to be sellers. 
17 St. Louis Cardinals 0-0 I’m not as high on the Cardinals as a lot of baseball writers. The rotation should be better, but nobody is going to convince me Lance Lynn is dominant anymore. I’m interested in how the young lineup does. 
18 Pittsburgh Pirates 0-0 This is not a year when the Pirates expect to compete, but if Paul Skenes makes his way to the majors, along with a slew of other prospects making good on their projections, the Pirates could at least be sneaky enough to cover some games for us. 
19 Detroit Tigers 0-0 I love the Tigers, who should be propelled on the strength of Tarik Skubal. Sometimes all you need is one superstar. 
20 New York Mets 0-0 People are still somewhat high on the Mets, but this is the Mets. They will implode. 
21 Milwaukee Brewers 0-0 Some people think that Milwaukee might find a way back to 86-wins or more, like they did before the disastrous 2023 season. I’m not so sure. The term is rebuild. 
22 Cleveland Guardians 0-0 Great pitching. Terrific defense. No hitting. Small ball only gets you so far. 
23 Boston Red Sox 0-0 Luis Giolito is out for the season. In a tough division, the BoSox could struggle…again. 
24 Kansas City Royals 0-0 Bobby Witt and Cole Ragans are shooting so quickly into stardom that they might actually be on a good team soon. 
25 Miami Marlins 0-0 I would be higher on the Marlins if they weren’t dealing with so many injuries. I imagine the front office is bracing itself for a difficult spring. 
26 Washington Nationals 0-0 It wasn’t that long ago that the Washington Nationals won the World Series, but sustained success rely involves Patrick Corbin. 
27 Los Angeles Angels 0-0 Bye bye Ohtani. Hello empty seats.
28 Chicago White Sox 0-0 The White Sox have fallen hard the last few years. Let’s hope some of their games will be competitive. 
29 Colorado Rockies 0-0 Thank god they don’t have to play the Dodgers every week. Pray for the Rockies. 


Oakland Athletics


Oakland never bothers anymore to put an interesting team on the field, so I’m not going to bother to lift them out out of last place in the power rankings until they show me something. 


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