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Premier League Picks: Matchweek 18

Premier League Picks: Matchweek 18

PRMIER LEAGUE PICKS: MATCHWEEK 18 – Well it’s been 6 weeks since we got to witness some Premier League action. Other than watching the USA not really score any goals, I’ve been forced to watch my Tennessee Titans lose 5 straight games. It’s been a wonderful Holiday to say the least…

Premier League Picks: Matchday 14

Maybe things will settle down and get back to some normalcy in Matchday 14. I hope not. I enjoy the chaos. This weekend Graham Potter will go against his former team, Newcastle will look to continue their winning ways against a newly managed Aston Villa, Goliath will take on David as #1 Arsenal go against #20 Nottingham Forest, and the final game of the week will be a battle of the United’s.

Premier League Picks: Matchday 12

This week will be a midweek round of matches. Most of us will be at work when these games are going on but there’s nothing wrong with streaming a game at the top right corner of your work computer. The main event Arsenal versus Manchester City has been postponed, but there should be plenty of other exciting matches to look forward to.

Premier League Picks: Matchday 9 Double Derby

Austen Cain joins the GodzillaWins team to fire off some Premier League picks for this weekend’s matches.  

I will be providing you lads with some information that you may or may not find useful. I am not a professional. However, I am an avid Premier League Football fan that enjoys spending countless hours reading about top flight English soccer and diving deep into a rabbit hole of numbers to give you an idea of why one team will be more likely to beat another. So, let’s take a look at the key fixtures scheduled for this weekend.