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Godzilla’s Last Stand – The BIG 12th Cometh

Well, folks here we are. One game for all the marbles. The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament has been a rousing success, with viewership up dramatically in all phases. We had a lot of fun and our share of excitement and upsets. We are 8-7 ATS with one big game left. Let’s nail it, shall we? 9-7 in the tournament beats 8-8 anytime. Winning is winning.

Godzilla Sweet 16 Madness!

Sweet 16 -This Separates Pretenders from Contenders — As stated earlier, I’m not a big proponent of picking too many early March Madness games. Not the same for the Sweet 16- this is big time. And in order to be the Godzilla of Wins, we have to have made big-time picks on the big stage. We have started off 2-2, hoping to run the table over the next two days, at 8-0.

Godzilla Madness: Boom! 2-0 So Far, With More Winners Today

We are off to a smoking hot start, going 2-0 last night with wins on Houston -9 and Iowa State +2.5. I announced them on my TV show Outside the Beltway on Real America’s Voice if you missed it! Let’s keep it going today. It’s always good to get out of the blocks with a few wins, and a little jack to play with. Are you tired of all the winning yet?