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Washington Wizards trade news – An un-Beal-ievable twist

Washington Wizards trade news – An un-Beal-ievable twist

The latest Washington Wizards trade news delivered another bombshell on Father’s Day. After months of speculation, All-Star Bradley Beal finally made his long awaited move from the capital.

Admittedly, the Wizards had already been dangling Beal, but the no-trade clause made it difficult for Washington to get a top-notch trade package. The Miami Heat, Milwaukee Bucks, and Sacramento Kings were other teams that had mutual interest.

But it is the Phoenix Suns who now own a man with more than his fair share of clutch moments:

Meanwhile, Chris Paul and Landry Shamet – along with some second-round picks and pick swaps – pass Beal through the entrance door.

So, let’s break down this trade from both sides.

The Washington Wizards Had No Choice

Frankly speaking, the Wizards didn’t have many options. With the no-trade clause, Beal would’ve had to approve any deal. So that took away a large number of teams. Josh Robbins of The Athletic also reflects this, stating:

“Why did the Wizards choose the Suns’ offer over the Miami Heat’s offer? It appears Washington may not have had a choice. At the very end of the process, as Beal weighed pitches from the Suns and the Heat, he had power to determine where he would go.”

The Heat were a strong suitor, but reportedly there was something Washington wanted that Miami did not want to give up. So, he heads to Phoenix.


For the Wizards, this is purely a cost-saving move. As it stands, the Suns are taking on all four years – and $207 million owed to Beal, from his $251 million deal signed off last summer. That provides the sole reason the Wizards made this move.

Kyle Kuzma could become a free agent too. And that primes the Wizards to enter a new rebuild with a ton of cap space for the foreseeable future.

The seconds might not seem like much, but they could be combined into a larger package to move up or land a first-round pick. Chris Paul appears to be headed for waivers or another trade, and Landry Shamet could stick around.

Some Wizard fans will feel short-changed of course. But the no-trade clause gave the team less leverage to make a blockbuster move. As such, this is arguably the best Washington could have hoped for.

The Suns Land Another All-Star, But Questions Remain

On paper, the Suns are even more loaded than before, especially since Deandre Ayton wasn’t a part of this trade. That said, a future move is still a distinct possibility.

The Suns now have a four-man star-studded lineup of Devin Booker, Kevin Durant, Ayton, and Beal. That’s a lot of offensive firepower, and Ayton is a rock defensively.

However, Phoenix have now vastly reduced their cap space with this move. For that reason, loading up with veterans on one-year deals – just like new coach Frank Vogel did with the Lakers – appears to be the best-case scenario.

Ayton could be traded for some role players, even more so after the playoff meltdown. New Suns owner Mat Ishbia is swinging for the fences, and firing Monty Williams to bring in Frank Vogel was another questionable but high-reward move.

FUN My Pillow

The Bottom Line

The Suns are going all-in with this move, and it will be interesting to see what happens with Ayton over the next few weeks.

After lacking squad depth in this past playoff run, the Suns will need to work hard to fill out the roster. But there are always trophy-hungry veterans that want to sign one-year deals on a contending team. Shining examples there are Dwight Howard and Rajon Rondo with the Lakers a few years ago.

In summary, the Wizards had no choice here, but they have gained a ton of financial flexibility for the next few years. Meanwhile, the Suns add an All-Star guard that suddenly forms one of, if not the best, Big 3’s in the NBA.

Stay tuned to Godzilla Wins for more Washington Wizards trade news. We’ll also keep you posted on the major transfers involving all NBA teams vying for glory in 2023.

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