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Miami Heat trade rumors: Is Damian Lillard’s Oregon trail over?

Miami Heat trade rumors: Is Damian Lillard’s Oregon trail over?

In one of the biggest Miami Heat trade rumors seen so far during 2023, Portland Trail Blazers superstar Damian Lillard is now being tipped to join them.

On Sunday, the Washington Wizards shook the NBA world upside down, trading Bradley Beal to the Phoenix Suns. Usurping the Heat’s status as frontrunners to sign Beal, the Suns are clearly going all-in for NBA glory.

Subsequently, the focus shifts to Portland Trail Blazers superstar Damian Lillard. For those who need reminding, here’s just one reason why:

Of course, the question remains as to whether or not Lillard actually wants to leave Portland. But reports have surfaced that this summer could very well be the end of his run in Oregon.

After the Beal blockbuster, Chris Haynes of Bleacher Report mentioned that the Heat are fixated on signing Lillard, and “believe” he wants a change of scenery. If that’s the case though, the Eastern Conference will still likely run through Miami.

But, what would it take for the Heat (or another team) to land Lillard?

The issue with Beal is he had a no-trade clause, so he would have to approve any deal, which ended up removing a large number of teams from any sort of contention.

Lillard’s case is a very different one. The All-Star point guard will likely be a hot commodity, if indeed he expresses his desire to move on.


Potential Trade Package For Damian Lillard

Since Miami Heat trade rumors are currently enjoying a lot of airplay, let’s begin with a potential trade package. While certainly eye-catching, it would likely take a massive amount such as this to land Lillard.

Blazers get:

  •       Nikola Jovic
  •       Duncan Robinson
  •       Tyler Herro
  •       Kyle Lowry
  •       Multiple draft picks

Heat get:

  •       Damian Lillard

Lillard’s accolades are far better than Beal’s, and his consistency is on another level. What a player like Lillard would do to Miami is unimaginable, and a Lillard-Jimmy Butler-Bam Adebayo core would be extremely difficult to stop.

But, per the package above, it would cost a ton. Miami would likely need to give up at least Tyler Herro, Nikola Jovic, and a couple firsts to make the deal work.

Brooklyn an alternative destination

The Brooklyn Nets are another logical candidate to take on Lillard. They have four potential first-round picks to include, although their roster is far less appealing than Miami’s.

Nonetheless, any sort of Lillard trade would cost at least a couple of firsts and one or two quality players, which essentially puts the Heat right into the driver’s seat.

A couple of other options include the Boston Celtics, the New York Knicks, and (as always!) the Los Angeles Lakers. Yet, from the Lakers’ perspective, they have far fewer assets outside of Anthony Davis. As such, it would be a long shot for them to execute a successful snare of Lillard.

FUN My Pillow

Only the best for the very best

As mentioned before, the Blazers don’t have a no-trade clause to worry about, and can send Lillard to any team that offers the best package.

Still, the Blazers likely want to do right by their star point guard, who has only ever known the pinnacle of NBA lore. It all started, of course, with a Rookie of the Year award.

Appearances on seven All-Star trips, seven All-NBA teams and the 75th-anniversary team have followed.

Expect all eyes to stay centered on a potential trade involving Damian Lillard in the coming days.

Stay tuned to Godzilla Wins for more Miami Heat trade rumors. We’ll also keep you posted on the major stories involving all NBA teams vying for glory in 2023.

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