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UGA Transfer Portal: Bear Alexander Bolts to USC

UGA Transfer Portal: Bear Alexander Bolts to USC

UGA TRANSFER PORTAL: BEAR ALEXANDER BOLTS TO USC – Georgia sophomore defensive lineman, Bear Alexander, announced his entry into the transfer portal hours before Georgia’s annual spring game, G-day.

The announcement came as quite the surprise to fans as Alexander found playing time as a true freshman. By the end of the season, Alexander became a third down specialist.

His quick-twitch allowed him to get to the quarterback even from the interior line. No interior lineman except for Jalen Carter seemed to possess that same kind of pass-rushing skill. While he still would split time this year, he seemed like the player who would benefit the most from Carter’s departure to the NFL. 

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An Unhappy Union

However, Alexander apparently was not pleased with his situation.

In an interview with ESPN, Bear stated,

“I feel as if there wasn’t a significant amount of snaps at Georgia. I was more of a pass-rush specialist in year one, so coming into the spring, I wanted to be in the position where I could show my versatility as a player. I felt like I wasn’t able to do that at Georgia. I was a third-down specialist, and I’m more of a first-, second-down player. I can play every down.” 

Rumors have swirled around various sites online that Alexander had a tumultuous spring. He was close to leaving the program in January. The more appalling allegations include him leaving during spring practice for a trip to Mexico and even punching a respected teammate in the weight room.

Bear did not help his image with additional comments from his ESPN interview.

“Not to brag on myself, but everyone wants the Big Bear. Everyone needs a 300 pounder that can move with the twitch, the burst, the explosion that I bring to the game.”

Well, he’s not wrong. However, Alexander has a history of changing programs. He attended three different high schools and changed his college commitment repeatedly. He initially committed to UGA before switching his verbal to Texas A&M. Eventually, he flipped back to UGA. Despite having the Power G tattooed on his bicep, Bear only lasted a season at UGA. 

In this day and age, it’s fair to assume that everyone wanting a piece of the Big Bear means that Alexander was offered several handsome NIL deals from a variety of schools.

Upon his announcement, Southern Cal and Texas immediately became the two favorite landing spots for the young defender. Georgia clearly wasn’t willing to pay whatever the Trojans are. Kirby fought hard to keep around players like Darnell Washington last season. He didn’t fight to keep Bear. 


Is Georgia in Trouble?

Alexander’s departure does leave a hole in the roster that cannot be easily replaced. Bear has a unique skill set, and if he can round out his game, he could become one of the most feared linemen in the nation. F

rom a roster stand point, UGA still has several veteran players on the interior line who continue to improve. Warren Brinson and Tramel Walthour are solid performers and Nazir Stackhouse is poised for a breakout season.

Freshmen Jordan Hall and Jamal Jarrett are making an impact already. R. So. Christen Miller still has growing to do as a player, but epitomizes the character and leadership that Kirby Smart preaches.

In other words, UGA will be just fine. I do expect UGA to generate far more pressure from the outside linebackers and defensive ends this year rather than from Jalen Carter and blitzes from inside linebackers up the middle. 

Culture Matters

Georgia can survive losing talent like Carter and Alexander. Why? Because Kirby has the recruiting machine rolling and hasn’t stopped.

Georgia continues to produce player after player who can adequately fill in a role if not excel when given the chance. Georgia’s success won’t be defined by one or two players, even key players. I

nstead, it’s the culture that Kirby has built that needs protecting. Unfortunately, Bear Alexander was not a good fit for Georgia culture. Coaches and teammates won’t miss him. Neither will they miss AD Mitchell. Georgia may miss their presence on the stat sheet, but not in the locker room.

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