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Top UGA QB Commit Transfers to Buford High

Top UGA QB Commit Transfers to Buford High

TOP UGA QB COMMIT TRANSFERS TO BUFORD HIGH – The #1 ranked QB prospect from the 2024 class and University of Georgia commitment Dylan Raiola is moving near Athens to play his senior season of football.

He is transferring to Buford High School, located about an hour away from Athens. Buford is a football powerhouse, winning state titles in every classification they have played in Georgia High School football. 


I live just a couple miles from Buford, and rumors about Raiola enrolling have been swirling for weeks. Yesterday, On3 confirmed the news that Raiola was indeed leaving his home in Arizona and heading to Georgia. Raiola benefits from this move in a couple of key ways. 

The Benefits

Raiola transferred high schools already in Arizona. He was under review for a potential 5-game suspension due to AIA intrastate transfer rules. He transferred from Chandler High School to Pinnacle and had applied for a hardship to be immediately eligible.

However, that review would not take place until right before the high school season began, meaning that if he did indeed face suspension, he would be out of luck at that point. Raiola wanted to play the entirety of his senior season. 

Additionally, the competition for football is much higher in Georgia than Arizona, especially in Gwinnett County, where Buford is located.

Raiola will be able to test his talents against much stiffer competition with his move to Buford. I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that Raiola will also be close enough to Athens to take all of the unofficial visits that his heart desires in an effort to recruit additional players to the already loaded ‘24 class for UGA. 

Buford High School

Buford High is notorious for two things for Georgia fans: they win a lot and they don’t send their athletes to UGA.

I have heard that the school has deep ties to Alabama and recent Buford commits would indicate so. Buford grad and 4-star receiver Isaiah Bond began his freshman year at Alabama last season.

Worse, Justice Haynes, the #1 running back from the class of ‘23 and son of former UGA tight end Verron Haynes, committed to Alabama. Historically, UGA has struggled to pull talent out of the consistently talented player base in Gwinnett County, and Buford is no exception.

Buford Recruits

Now, with Raiola in Buford, UGA has a huge influence to pull some additional Buford prospects to the Dawgs.

5-star safety KJ Bolden is already heavily considering going to Georgia, and perhaps Raiola can push him over the edge.

Eddrick Houston is a top defensive end that is considering Georgia, but I doubt even Raiola could turn the tide in the Dawgs favor in his recruitment. Buford class of ‘25 LB Jadon Perlotte has already committed to the Dawgs and may join Dylan in trying to pull in fellow classmates Justin Baker and Jordan Allen. 

Can Raiola turn the tide in recruiting for the Dawgs at Buford High? Only time will tell. For now, we’ll see if he can propel a Buford team that fell below its high standards last season to another title run this year.

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