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Premier League Picks: Matchday 10

Weekend Vibes

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Wow! What a weekend for the Premier League! I clearly didn’t win you the $50k grand prize last week but overall it wasn’t a bad week and there were plenty of goals to keep things interesting. I went 3 for 6 in last weekend’s outcomes but things were EXTREMELY close to being much better. Let’s recap on the near misses:

Arsenal vs Tottenham (Prediction – Draw): Just as we thought, both goal keepers were beaten. However, Hugo Lloris had the ball in the back of his net a few more times than I would’ve liked. At the half, the game was 1-1 and I was feeling pretty good. Arsenal went up 2-1 in the beginning stages of the second half, but Tottenham were still getting plenty of chances for an equalizer. Then Anthony Taylor happened. He gave an undeserving straight red card to Emerson Royal and completely changed the game. Without that red, Tottenham scores again, Arsenal doesn’t, and my predicition of a draw comes to fruition. Thanks for nothing Anthony Taylor.

Liverpool vs Brighton (Prediction – LIV Win): Hereeee we go again with Liverpool’s defense…or should I say lack their of. Liverpool had their goals but so did Leandro Troussard. The Gulls went up 2-0 but Liverpool turned the tables and took a 3-2 lead thanks to the outstanding play of Bobby Firmino. In the final minutes, Liverpool’s defense collapsed and allowed the equalizer. So yeah, 7 minutes away from a Liverpool win. Guess that’s why they play 90 minutes.

Crystal Palace vs Chelsea (Prediction – Draw): Palace did in fact play a very good game and their stubborn style of play kept them in the game the entire match. Palace went up 1-0 in the 7th minute of the game, but unfortunately they couldn’t hold the lead. Conor Gallagher had a beautiful strike in the 90th minute to give Chelsea the lead and the full 3 points. So yeah, once again, just minutes away from a correct prediction.

Anyway, with all of that water under the bridge let’s move on to match week 10

Brighton (4th) vs Tottenham (3rd

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Date: Saturday, 10/08/2022 at 12:30 PM EST

Pitch: Brighton – Amex Stadium, Brighton, England

Odds: | HOME: +170 | TIE: +240 | AWAY: +155 |


Tottenham 0-1 Brighton 04/16/2022 Premier League
Brighton 0-2 Tottenham 03/16/2022 Premier League
Tottenham 3-1 Brighton 02/05/2022 FA Cup
Brighton 1-0 Tottenham 01/31/2021 Premier League
Tottenham 2-1 Brighton 11/01/2020 Premier League

The Word: Brighton and Hove Albion are still flying high after a big result at Anfield last week, even after losing their Gaffer. They are quickly becoming this season’s surprise. Both Brighton and Tottenham have had a good start to the Premier Lague season with only one loss each, so be expecting a highly competitive matchup.

This game will be held at the Amex which will be in Brighton’s favor. Tottenham have had 6 away games so far in all competitions this season. Out of these 6 games they have 4 draws (Chelsea, West Ham & Frankfurt) 2 losses (Sporting & Arsenal) 1 win (Nottingham Forest), so not very impressive when traveling.

On the other hand, Brighton have had 3 home games with 2 wins and a draw, with a signature win against Man U and an impressive draw at Liverpool.

I wouldn’t expect Brighton to just roll over, especially at home. It also seems like Conte hates scoring goals and would probably play 9 at the back if he could. However, I do see both teams scoring and splitting the points.


Crystal Palace (17th) vs Leeds (12th

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Date: Sunday, 10/09/2022 at 09:00 AM EST

Pitch: Crystal Palace – Selhurst Park, London, England

Odds: | HOME: +110 | TIE: +250 | AWAY: +240 |


Palace 1-1 Leeds 07/22/2022 Friendly
Palace 0-0 Leeds 04/25/2022 Premier League
Leeds 1-0 Palace 11/30/2021 Premier League
Leeds 2-0 Palace 02/08/2021 Premier League
Palace 4-1 Leeds 11/07/2020 Premier League

The Word: Neither team are in the top half of the table so on paper this game seems like a snoozefest, but I think it’s going to be packed full of excitement.

Here’s why. Palace have a great manager, good talent, and a stingey style of play, but they just aren’t getting results. Being way too close to the relegation zone they are in desperate need of some points.

Leeds also can’t really afford to lose. They are currently in the middle of the table but they haven’t played any of the top teams. If they want to move up the table then they are going to have to start winning these games against the lower teams. Jesse Marsch is an American. Us Americans like goals. He’s going to play attacking football.

However, I think the tactical football of Patrick Vieira will prove successfull in the end, with Zaha and Edouard each netting one. Palace squeak by in a close one.


Arsenal (1st) vs Liverpool (9th)

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Date: Sunday, 10/09/2022 at 11:30 AM EST

Pitch: Arsenal – Emirates Stadium, London, England

Odds: | HOME: +160 | TIE: +260 | AWAY: +155 |


Arsenal 0-2 Liverpool 03/16/2022 Premier League
Arsenal 0-2 Liverpool 01/20/2022 Caraboa Cup
Liverpool 0-0 Arsenal 01/13/2022 Caraboa Cup
Liverpool 4-0 Arsenal 11/20/2021 Premier League
Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool 04/03/2021 Premier League

The Word: This is arguably the most anticipated match of the weekend. Arsenal have picked up right where they left off before the international break, cruising past their cross town rivals Tottenham 3-1. Liverpool have also picked up right where they left off…playing like shite and giving up goals.

Both teams only have one loss thus far in the Premier League and those losses happened to be against the same team, Manchester United. If Klopp uses the 4-3-2-1 formation that he did  in the Champions League then I think it could bid well for Liverpool. Especially if Alexander Arnold plays like he did against Rangers.

However, if he decides to go back to the formation we all know so well then Liverpool will be left open and be in trouble. If you would’ve told me 3 months ago that Arsenal would be favorites over Liverpool, I would’ve figured you drunk. But that’s where we are at the moment. Talent says Liverpool should win. Current form says Arsenal should win.

In my opinion Arsenal would be satisfied with splitting the points, but Liverpool are almost in a must win situation if they want to keep top 4 hopes in mind. This would be a STATEMENT win for Liverpool…but I don’t see it happening. 


Everton (11th) vs Manchester United (6th)

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Date: Sunday, 10/09/2022 at 02:00 PM EST

Pitch: Everton – Goodison Park, Liverpool, England

Odds: | HOME: +260 | TIE: +250 | AWAY: +105 |


Everton 1-0 Man U 04/09/2022 Premier League
Man U 1-1 Everton 10/02/2021 Premier League
Man U 4-0 Everton 08/07/2021 Friendly
Man U 3-3 Everton 02/06/2021 Premier League
Everton 0-2 Man U 12/23/2020 Carabao Cup

The Word: This is a tricky matchup. Typically when these two teams play each other the game is heated and exciting. But this weekend I am predicting a FAT, STINKY, BORING game.

Manchester United know how to score goals, but they also are just as good at conceding them. On the other side of the ball, Everton aren’t very good at scoring goals, but they also don’t concede very many. United were in great form but they got smacked by reality last weekend. Casemiro will likely be getting his first start as a United player this weekend and will be alongside Bruno Fernandes and Christian Eriksen.

With this added stability in the midfield for United, and the solid midfield of Everton I think this game will be decided in the middle of the pitch. This game has draw written all over it but keep in mind that Manchester United have not drawn a match this season. I’m backing the 20-time League winners to shake off their 6-3crushing defeat from last week and get back to their winning ways. 


Nottingham Forest (20th) vs Aston Villa (14th)

Photo Buy: Getty Images

Date: Monday, 10/10/2022 at 03:00 PM EST

Pitch: Nottingham Forest – The City Ground, Nottingham, England

Odds: | HOME: +230 | TIE: +250 | AWAY: +115 |


Forest 4-1 Aston Villa 03/13/2019 Championship
Aston Villa 0-2 Forest 11/28/2018 Championship
Forest 0-2 Aston Villa 01/13/2018 Championship
Aston Villa 0-2 Forest 09/23/2017 Championship
Forest 0-0 Aston Villa 02/04/2017 Championship

The Word: I can almost guarantee you that nobody will be watching this game. Will you? Am I wrong? I didn’t think so.

I’d rather watch Patrick Mahomes do his pregame stretches before Monday Night Football.

Forest have conceded 18 goals in their last 5 games and Villa have score 3. This is the battle of the mornons. The two teams haven’t played each other since 2019 when both teams were in the English Championship.

Forest did well to take themselves from a mid table Championship team to get promoted into the Premier League…but I just don’t think theyre ready for the big leagues yet. With the likes of Leon Bailey and Coutinho, it’s hard to forsee Forest getting any points from this one. I don’t expect a lot of goals in this one,  but Gerrard will save his job for now and pull out the win.


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