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Premier League Picks: Matchday 9 Double Derby

Austen Cain joins the GodzillaWins team to fire off some Premier League picks for this weekend’s matches. 

I will be providing you lads with some information that you may or may not find useful. I am not a professional. However, I am an avid Premier League Football fan that enjoys spending countless hours reading about top flight English soccer and diving deep into a rabbit hole of numbers to give you an idea of why one team will be more likely to beat another. So, let’s take a look at the key fixtures scheduled for this weekend. For some American football picks this weekend, click here. 

Note: This column will be based on the FREE NBC Sports “Premier League Pick’ Em”

If you’re hungry for some soccer then starve no more. The Premier League is returning this weekend after a several week break due to the tragic passing of Queen Elizabeth and International break (this break included the USA Men’s matches against Japan and Saudi Arabia, which we won’t discuss because the results were almost as tragic as the passing of the Queen). 

Anyway, let’s dive into my predictions for Matchday 9 of the 2022/2023 English Premier League Season.

Arsenal (1st) vs Tottenham (3rd

Date: Saturday, 10/01/2022 at 7:30 AM EST

Photo By: The Sun

Pitch: Arsenal – Emirates Stadium, London, England

Odds: | HOME: +105 | TIE: +260 | AWAY: +240 |


Tottenham 3-0 Arsenal 05/12/2022 Premier League
Arsenal 3-1 Tottenham 09/26/2021 Premier League
Tottenham 1-0 Arsenal 08/08/2021 Friendly
Arsenal 2-1 Tottenham 03/14/2021 Premier League
Tottenham 2-0 Arsenal 12/06/2020 Premier League

The Word: The North London rivals will battle it out in the North London Derby at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium for this one. With both teams high-flying attack and their places at the top of the table, this matchup should provide plenty of excitement.  

Arsenal’s Gabriel Jesus has completely changed their attack and at the moment he is one of the best players in the league.  On the other side of the ball Tottenham’s attacking trio of Kane-Son-Richarlson is certainly making things tough for defenses. The two teams combined have already put 35 balls into the back of the net so expect some GOOOOAAALLLSS. 

History is in favor of Arsenal, especially since they’re at their home turf this weekend. BUT with these two teams being so evenly matched and the likelihood of conservative tactics from the two managers, I’m going to back a draw in this one.


Liverpool (7th) vs Brighton (4th

Date: Saturday, 10/01/2022 at 10:00 AM EST

Mohamed Salah celebrates scoring for Liverpool. Photo Courtesy of the Transfer Tavern.

Pitch: Liverpool – Anfield, Liverpool, England

Odds: | HOME: -300 | TIE: +440 | AWAY: +700 |


Brighton 0-2 Liverpool 03/12/2022 Premier League
Liverpool 2-2 Brighton 10/30/2021 Premier League
Liverpool 0-1 Brighton 02/03/2021 Premier League
Brighton 1-1 Liverpool 11/28/2020 Premier League
Brighton 1-3 Liverpool 07/08/2020 Premier League

The Word: Liverpool has had a shaky start to the season and other than the 9-0 lashing of Bournemouth they have not shown themselves to be the Liverpool team we have all become accustomed to seeing. Coming off a long rest from the break, I expect Liverpool to get things back on track for this match.

If you’re reading this then you also probably are already aware that Brighton no longer have the magic wand of Manager Graham Potter. Without their magical Potter it is going to be very difficult for the Seagulls to travel into the fortress they call Anfield and snag a result. I can only see one winner here. #YNWA


Crystal Palace (17th) vs Chelsea (6th)

Date: Saturday, 10/01/2022 at 10:00 AM EST

Photo Courtesy of the Sporting News

Pitch: Crystal Palace – Selhurst Park, London, England

Odds: | HOME: +350 | TIE: +250 | AWAY: -120 |


Chelsea 2-0 Crystal Palace 04/17/2022 FA Cup
Crystal Palace 0-1 Chelsea 02/19/2022 Premier League
Chelsea 3-0 Crystal Palace 08/14/2021 Premier League
Crystal Palace 1-4 Chelsea 04/10/2021 Premier League
Chelsea 4-0 Crystal Palace 10/03/2020 Premier League

The Word: This one is a bit tricky. Crystal Palace have not beaten Chelsea in their last 10 meetings in all competitions. However, Palace is looking much improved under Patrick Viera and he has reinvented the squad with a new stubborn style of play.

They were up 2-0 against Man City at one point and also had a lead against Liverpool. You can’t really count out the fire power and skill that the Chelsea squad has, but with Chelsea out of form and in transition with a new manager, look for Palace to steal some points in this game.


West Ham (19th) vs Wolves (16th)

Date: Saturday, 10/01/2022 at 12:30 PM EST

Photo Courtesy of WHWorld

Pitch: West Ham United – London Stadium, London, England

Odds: | HOME: -110 | TIE: +250 | AWAY: +310 |


West Ham 1-0 Wolves 02/27/2022 Premier League
Wolves 1-0 West Ham 11/20/2021 Premier League
Wolves 2-3 West Ham 04/05/2021 Premier League
West Ham 4-0 Wolves 09/27/2020 Premier League
West Ham 0-2 Wolves 06/20/2020 Premier League

The Word: West Ham is nowhere near the team we watched last season and Manager Moyes will be on the hot seat if he doesn’t start to pick things up. On the other side of the ball, Wolves are looking rather stale themselves. With West Ham’s lack of scoring and Wolves lack of being scored on, I am predicting a boring one here.


Man City (2nd) vs Man United (5th)

Date: Sunday, 10/02/2022 at 9:00 AM EST

Manchester City vs Manchester United 2022 Jon SuperAP

Pitch: Manchester City – Etihad Stadium, Manchester, England

Odds: | HOME: -290 | TIE: +460 | AWAY: +650 |


Man City 4-1 Man United 03/06/2022 Premier League
Man United 0-2 Man City 11/06/2021 Premier League
Man City 0-2 Man United 03/07/2021 Premier League
Man United 0-2 Man City 01/06/2021 Carabao Cup
Man United 0-0 Man City 12/12/2020 Premier League

The Word: The Manchester Derby. The crème-de-la-crème of top flight. This is the game we are all looking forward to and with both teams in proper form this matchup should be a delight. 

United had a slow start to the season, but after beating Liverpool, the Gaffer Erik ten Hag has certainly gotten his team firing on all cylinders. Expect both goalkeepers to be beaten at some point, but with the Erling Haaland practically scoring at will I do not think that the Red Devils will have what it takes to tame the Almighty Norwegian. 


Leeds (9th) vs Aston Villa (13th)

Date: Sunday, 10/02/2022 at 11:30 AM EST

Pitch: Leeds United – Elland Road, Leeds, England

Odds: | HOME: +130 | TIE: +240 | AWAY: +200 |


Aston Villa 3-0 Leeds 07/17/2022 Friendly
Leeds 3-1 Aston Villa 03/10/2022 Premier League
Aston Villa 1-0 Leeds 02/09/2022 Premier League
Leeds 2-1 Aston Villa 02/27/2021 Premier League
Aston Villa 2-0 Leeds 10/23/2020 Premier League

The Word: Ameeeerica, the beauuuutiful……Leeds United has opened up the American dream in English Football. American coach Jesse Marsch is serving a one game suspension and will have manage a tough matchup against Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard from the stands. His fellow Americans Tyler Adams and Brenden Aaronson will have to continue their good form if they want to nick a result against an Aston Villa team that, although at the bottom half of the table, have shown potential in their last two matches. As a Liverpool fan, do I choose Stevie G or Uncle Sam? This one has draw written all over it. 


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