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NFL Week 4 Analyst Standings

Guessing Game

We’ve emerged from the doldrums of another NFL week with our update on the standings for all three unwilling participants in this mad game of sports guessing. With NFL Week 4 in the books, we come to you with some terrific win/loss records for the week and plan to continue to offer our best picks and plays absolutely free of charge. Let’s see how we did.

A Heater

I found some locked up winners this week for a 7-2 record, as I continue to abuse the Thursday Night and Monday Night games. I love these games because it allows me to slow down, focus on some key analytics, and find the right play. The Rams/49ers under total points felt like a layup after the statistics on DVOA outlined here. Those over/under points totals have been good to me this year so far.

I also went 2-1 this week in the Week 4: Points, Parlays, and Prop Bets column. The money line parlay wager almost hit, but the Jacksonville Jaguars struggled to hold onto the ball in the rain as Philly rolled to their fourth victory. I’m locked into some key analytics and metrics that can really sharpen your perspective on the spread. Keep reading my picks if you like to see how the data maps out in real time on Sunday.


The Godzilla finally broke through with an impressive 8-5-1 record this week. He handicaps quite a few games, which increases the level of difficulty for any serious viewer.

One of his best plays came with his beloved Titans, who were an underdog going into Indianapolis. While the Titans threatened to give the game away at the end, the spread was never in serious danger and he cruised to an easy W.

We are still trying to get him to lay off the big point plays like GB -9. That was a sucker’s bet. Belichick doesn’t lose by 9 and Rodgers doesn’t care enough to win by 14. Better luck next time, pal.

A Rebound

#NateNeedsHelp rebounded from an abysmal Saturday (1-7) to find himself at 6-3 for the week. Not to put too fine a point on the Green Bay game, but Nate told the Godzilla on the podcast not to take the Packers and lay the wood. I got cold feet before the game and couldn’t actually play it at the 1st Jackpot in Tunica, but Nate stayed the course and found himself with another big win.

The Godzilla still lives in the cellar, but another hot week and we’ll all be above 50% for the winning percentage. That’s living.

Thru Week 4 Records Wins Losses Push Winning %
Jack 21 12 1 62%
Nate 22 14 1 59%
John 25 31 2 43%


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