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NFL Week 16: Godzilla’s Odds, Picks, and Predictions

NFL Week 16 Picks Odds, Picks, and Predictions

Merry Christmas! 

NFL WEEK 16 ODDS PICKS AND PREDICTIONS – The last three weeks of the regular season in the NFL separates the men from boys, the wheat from the chafe and the contenders from pretenders. Are you ready to get some green for the scene? Then keep it right here on Godzilla Wins: Monster Picks. 


Bengals at Pats +3 

As much as I love betting the Pats late in the season as a dog, the Bengals may be the best team in the AFC today. Joey Burrow is hot as a pepper, and that game last week – down 17-0 to Tampa where they scored 34 unanswered points was quite the statement.

Meanwhile, New England lost on a bonehead play that has to go down in NFL lore as one of the dumbest laterals in history. Just take a knee and go to overtime.

Plus how do you get beat in the end-zone as time is expiring from the 50? That game will likely cost the Pats the playoffs. Here’s the rub: if they get behind, do you really think Matt Patricia’s offense can get them back in the game? 

Pick: Bengals -3 


Giants at Vikings -4 

Wow. At some point we have to come to the conclusion that Minnesota is just not that good.

With all the hype surrounding last week’s historic comeback, they did get down 33-0 to an otherwise pathetic Colts team. The bottom line is this: the Vikings have clinched the division, they are not very imposing anyway, and the Giants at 8-5 are fighting for a playoff spot.

The G-Men had a gutsy win last Sunday night at Washington and I love them here to keep it going. Minnesota is playing for nothing.

Pick: Giants + 4  

ACS at Ravens -6.5 

At some point Baltimore has to win a meaningful game. The ACS (Atlanta Clown Show) looked pitiful last week with their new rookie QB, Riddle from the Bearcats.

Although the team is only one game back of division leading Tampa, they play no defense. This is a sad franchise with a myriad of holes. The Ravens need to stay within a game of the Bengals, in order to make Week 18 an AFC North championship game.

The Ravens somehow won nine games. Today they make it 10. 

Pick: Ravens -6.5 

Bills at Bears -8 

Look, I’d like to bet the Bears, hoping for a letdown game from Buffalo after their snow-bowl win over the Fish.

The problem is this Chicago club is really bad, and their defense, which showed promise early in the season has collapsed. How much can Justin Fields run around the Bills defense?

While eight points seems like a lot on the road, Buffalo still has not clinched the division nor the first round bye. So a win here locks them in. It’s tough to bet teams playing out the string in the last three games of the season. 

Pick: Bills -8 

Hawks at Chiefs -10 

There is no way I am laying 10 points on the Chiefs.

They never cover, and Seattle is a legit playoff contender. As brutal as Seattle has looked of late, this a game that will define what was once a promising season. This is a total overlay. At 7-7 the Seahawks are fighting for playoff life.

I love the dog here. 

Pick: Hawks and Geno +10

Lions at Cats +2.5 

How can you bet against the streaking Detroit Lions? Charlotte is playing for nothing, and unlike the Texans, they don’t even like their coach much.

Detroit is hot, their offense is rolling and they are on the playoff bubble. I can see them racking up 35 points and blowing out a beleaguered Panthers. The Lions started 1-6, and they’re going to win at Carolina and establish themselves as a real threat in the NFC playoffs. A win today and they’re 8-7. 

Pick: Lions -2.5 

Texans at Titans -3 

The Malik Willis era in Tennessee begins today. Ryan Tannehill had ankle surgery and he may be out for the season. Titans brass says he can come back in week 18, but ESPN is reporting he’s cooked for the season.

The drama is this: Tannehill is on the last year of a four-year contract next season, and Amy the Magnificent (Titans owner Amy Adams-Strunk) may decide to dump his salary by cutting him, thus freeing up huge cap space next year. Or they can negotiate an extension and gain cap space. This, of course, depends on what happens with Willis in the final three games of this season. 

The irony for the Titans is they could lose the next two games (Houston and Dallas) and then beat Jacksonville and still win the division. Or win the win the next two games, then lose to the Jags and get knocked out. 

Houston has played tough the last two weeks, and they want to save their coach Lovie Smith. 

Derek Henry and diced the Texans defense for over 1,000 yards in the last five games. Add in Willis running out at the edge and Tennessee should win this game. 

The Titans should be sufficiently desperate to find a way to get a long-overdue win against a one-win team. By the way, this game opened at seven and went down to three when Tannehill was ruled out. 

Pick: Titans -3

Saints at Browns -3 

As much as I don’t like Watson, I have less respect for the Browns in signing him.

New Orleans is fighting for a division crown, only one game back of Tampa. Both of these teams have had disappointing seasons. But the Brownies are getting better, and while they are likely toast for this season, they have looked decent in the last two weeks. I can’t bet the Saints. Period. 

Pick: Browns -3 

Commies at ‘Niners – 6.5

This is one of the biggest mismatches on the card. The 49ers may be playing the best football in the NFL over the last couple months. They should stomp the struggling Commies. Do you really think Tyler Heinicke is going to beat that ‘Niners defense? Plus, SF has the number two seed within reach. Washington is on the brink. 6.5 is irrelevant when you shut the other team out. 

Pick: ‘Niners -6.5 


Eagles at Cowboys -5 

No Justin Hurts. This game means little to Philadelphia, which is one win from wrapping up the division crown and the number one seed.

Meanwhile Dallas is at home, trying to make the number two seed and atone for last week’s debacle collapse against Jacksonville.

Truth be told, I was betting the Cowboys even before Hurts was ruled out. It’s tough in the NFL to beat your division rival twice in one season. Cowboys come back here from a tough loss and make the playoffs a little more interesting. 

Pick: Dallas -5 


Raiders at Steelers -1.5 

Saturday night football in Pittsburgh. Christmas Eve. They are honoring Franco Harris, who passed away earlier this week. It’s the 50-year anniversary of the Immaculate Reception.

Do you believe in emotion in the NFL? The Steelers and their fans will be pumped for this game. The Steelers will dig deep to properly honor the memory of Franco Harris. Raiders are done, and who better to bury them then the Steelers. 

Pick: Steelers -1.5 



Pack at Fish -3.5 

Merry Christmas from Miami!

While it’s fun to root for Aaron Rodgers to take his Cheese-Heads back from the dead, and the Packers’ offense has been rolling the last two weeks, they have not faced a playoff caliber opponent.

The Fish have lost a couple of close games in a row and we look for them to bounce back here.

The Pack gets knocked out of their misery and the speculation about Rodgers future with the team swirls on Monday. Plus, they won’t be able to stop the Fins speed at wide receiver. It’s over. I still don’t like their skinny little APP’s coach who can’t do 10 push-ups, but that’s for another day. 

Pick: Fish -3.5 


Broncs at Rams -3 

Stop. Please. Make it go away. This is our Christmas Day afternoon game? 

If you must have action, bet Denver. Otherwise enjoy your family. And smile while you wear that ugly sweater. Watching this game is worse than coal in your stocking. 

Pick: Denver -3 


Bucs at Cards +7.5 

I love Tampa to blow out a Kyler Murray-less hapless Cardinals team. Kingsbury is a goner the day after their last game, and this franchise is now worse than Atlanta and Houston.

The Bucs were embarrassed last week by the Bungles and they are hanging onto the division lead by a thread. Brady won’t embarrass himself again on Christmas night. 

Pick: Tampa -7.5 


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