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NFL Week 13: Godzilla, Man Up Now – It’s Crunch Time!

NFL Week 13: Godzilla, Man Up Now – It’s Crunch Time!

We started off Thursday night with a nice win in a must-win bounce-back win for Godzilla! Today is redemption day!

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Titans at Eagles -4.5

If the Eagles stop the King today they’re going to the Super Bowl. Their run defense has been anemic. Plus we’ve got the whole AJ Brown side-story drama going on. Viable doesn’t like drama. While I love AJ, we got four picks in last year’s NFL draft from the trade — three of which are starting today! It’s good for both teams. This is a must-win for Tennessee if they are for real. Eagles: at 10-1 not so much! The Titans play some downright ugly football. “Embrace the Ugly!”

Pick: Titans +4.5


Jets at Vikes -3

Have you seriously checked out this Jets defense? It’s like the old Green Gangrene Sack Exchange! The best thing the Jets brass did was bench loser man-child Zach Wilson into failed first-round pick-bust oblivion. What a millennial whiner. Meanwhile, the Vikings play their corporate boardroom game of conservative – yet effective-managed football. The Jets win on the road – this I a team having fun.

Pick: JETS + 4


Commies at Giants + 2.5

This is going to be a great game. The Giants have started losing while the Commies are winning since Tyler H from ODU took the reins. But it’s really about Washington’s defense. Week 13 and both clubs are in the playoff hunt. I love what Riverboat Ron has done with this team under all the drama created by Snyder. He’s got a good young club believing in themselves. The G-Men are now what we thought they were: not very good. I like the Commies here sacking Daniel Jones into offensive oblivion.

Pick: Commies -2.5


Browns at Texans +7

I can’t bet on Houston under any circumstances. Period. I’ve lost all 11 games involving the Browns this season. Yep: 0-11. Each season I get one team I can’t win a bet on – for or against. Can I go 0-16 on the Brownies? Yikes. First game with Watson back and it’s Houston. Lots of intrigue here.

Pick: Browns -7


Broncos at Ravens -9

How many games can Baltimore blow to losing teams in the last 2:00? Lay the 9. This is a blowout as Denver is in complete disarray. Their defense was yelling at Wilson last week. Not a good look.

Pick: Flock -9


Jags at Lions -1

This is a joke. Jacksonville, which has had a positively miserable under-expectations season is only a one-point underdog going into Detroit? The Lions get no respect. While their defense is an NFL bottom-feeder, Goff has moved the ball all season. This team is really competitive and I love them here at home in a game they can win. While both clubs are 4-7, the Lions have played better teams and are 4 plays from being a playoff contender. The line is based on one Jags win in Baltimore where the Ravens did their usual Q-4 collapse. Give me a break. Jacksonville is 2 years away.

Pick: Lions -1


Pack at Bears + 4.5

So I’m supposed to bet a horrific team with no incentive to play on the road sporting eight losses with a disgruntled QB who has a broken thumb- and lay 4.5 points? What you just read was the longest run-on sentence known to man – which depicts Green Bay’s season. They stink. Go Justin go. Run Justin run.

Pick: Bears + 4.5


Steelers at Atlanta Clown Show (ACS) +1

Clowns they are. Ever wonder why Tennessee cut Mariota? Here it is: he doesn’t win games in the clutch. T.J. Watt is back like a crazy man. Ever notice how Tomlin’s bunch hangs around so many games? They are a resilient team. ACS is tough to bet on as they can’t stop a nosebleed or a leaky faucet.

Pick: Steel Curtain -1


Fish at ‘Niners -4.5

Wow. I love this game. Offense vs. Defense. Old school Vs. New school. Veteran coach vs. Skinny twerp front office analytics boy- wonder who got sand kicked in his face at the beach and never picked up a weight. Run game Vs. Pass game. Managed football vs. chaos. Three yards and a cloud of dust Vs. 90 fly patterns. Give me pretty boy’s 6 yard passes all day long. Throw in Christian McCaffrey and it’s all ball control with a picture on GQ magazine. See ya skinny twerp. It’s a man’s game.

Pick: SF -4.5


Hawks at Rams +6.5

The Rams have packed it in. The Seahawks think they can win the NFC. Geno Smith vs. someone not named Matt Stafford. Do we need to write more? I’ll save you time.

Pick: Seahawks -6.5


Bolts at Raiders -2.5

I’m done with the Chargers and their endless array of excuses. They are injury-riddled and just not very good. Plus I don’t want to expose myself to enduring poor Derek Carr crying again on national television. Raiders dig deep in the desert and get a modicum of respect.

Pick: Black Hole -2.5


Sunday Night Football: Colts at Cowboys -10.5

The Jeff Saturday boomlet has come crashing down. The Colts are not going to stop Dak. I’m cringing at the thought of washed-up wobbly kneed-man Matt Ryan staring at Parsons all night coming straight at him. He has the mobility of a rusted-out Edsel. He’ll be benched in the 2nd Q after two fumbles and five sacks. Blow out.

Pick: Dallas -10.5


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