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MLB Playoff Picks for 10/12: Dodgers Get The Boot-Arizona Gets The Pool

MLB Playoff Picks for 10/12: Dodgers Get The Boot-Arizona Gets The Pool

MLB PLAYOFF PICKS FOR 10/12 — Don’t you just love baseball?

The vaunted Dodgers, with all their hundreds of millions of payroll dollars get bounced in the first round of the playoffs for the third year in a row.This time by the lowly upstart D-Backs, who finished full 16 games back of L.A. in the regular season.

Arizona celebrated by jumping in their pool. Like I always say: talk is cheap, play the game.

After Houston bounced the Twins — striking out 52 Twinkies over four games — the only series remaining is in Philadelphia. If the Phillies knock out Atlanta tonight, only one divisional winner will remain: the Astros.

Although it was rude, you have to laugh at the Phillies fans mocking Atlanta with their own chant – and using the infamous New Jersey salute to boot. Classic Philadelphia.

John Fredericks MLB Playoffs 2023

October 12

8-7 $-125

All Picks Based on $100 Unit Wagers

That’s more like it! We were a cool 2-1 last night, winning $80 and trimming our playoff deficit to minus -$125. It’s get even time tonight.

Meanwhile, Nate had Prop-O-Rama going last night and I have no idea how he did, so let’s read down and find out. I don’t props or parlays. I’m old school: pick the damn game.

Nate’s Millennial Record

3-3, +$19

We got bailed out by Brandon Pfaadt hitting at a nice underdog price in the late game to squeak out the tiniest of winners. Back at it today with props galore.

Atlanta at Phillies (+124)

Turn out the lights, the party’s over.

The Phillies will be rocking at the Citizens Bank Park tonight. All the mustachios in the world can’t save Spencer Strider tonight.

Atlanta couldn’t solve Ranger Saurez last Saturday night, what changes here?

Playing an elimination game in Philadelphia is a nightmare on Elm Street. Strider looked a little rattled over the weekend at home – why should this not exacerbate the situation?

I’m going with Bryce’s crazy crew at home to end this thing tonight.

Pick: Phillies (+124)red state bbq big banner

Nate’s Millennial Take

I’m once again going to the prop market for an edge. Since I’m holding tickets on Philly to win this series, the next series, and the World Series, I don’t need to bet on the Phillies to feel something.

Ranger Suarez was fine in his last outing when he went 3.2 innings in Game 1 with no runs allowed. But he still got pulled before he getting out of the 4th inning. His total is set for 13.5 outs tonight and that feels too high. He managed to get through about 50 pitches in his last start. I’d have to imagine they’ll be quicker to pull him given the stakes here.

Related bet: Kevin Pillar is basically only in the lineup to face Ranger Suarez, as he’s playing as part of a platoon with Eddie Rosario. I suspect that Pillar is only in the lineup to face the lefty starter, Suarez, before he gets pulled in order to use Rosario against righties. Maybe Pillar gets lucky and connects on his only at-bat of the game, but given how I think this plays out, that’s about the only way this bet cashes.

Nate’s Millennial Picks: Ranger Suarez under 13.5 outs (-167) & Kevin Pillar under 0.5 hits (-105)


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