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John Fredericks Quick Picks for Dec. 11, 2023

Johnny’s Quick Picks for Dec. 11, 2023

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania—

JOHNNY’S QUICK PICKS FOR DEC. 11 2023 – Welcome to my Quick Picks column, where I hand out winners, winners, and more winners every day. I fire off picks on everything from college hoops to the NHL.

Guess what? You don’t even have to do anything. Just bookmark my column and check back every day for my #QuickPicks. This is the John Fredericks Pick-O-Rama palooza! Don’t miss out.

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Johnny’s Quick Picks

Good thing Dallas bailed me us out yesterday.


Pack (-6) at Giants

The Pack is back! Jordan Love was launched out of a cannon and now looks like the NFC’s Joey Burrow. Green Bay is hot and fighting for a playoff birth. It’s not out of the question that they catch Detroit, who looked pitiful and pathetic yesterday.

The Giants are wondering how Zach Wilson scored 30 points yesterday when their quaterback situation is worse than the Jets. Green Bay is streaking and I’m going to ride this train. Six points? NO PROBLEM!

Pick: Pack is Back (-6)

Titans at Fish (-14)

Let me get this straight:

  1. The Titans are a disaster #Sad
  2. They have no punter #SAD
  3. They have not won a road game in over a year (14 months to be exact) #Sad
  4. They’re secondary gets lit up like a pinball machine with no speed #Sad
  5. Their O-Line is a sieve #Sad
  6. Their rookie phenom QB had one good game #Sad
  7. Their All-Pro pass rusher Big Jeff Simmons is out with a concussion #Sad
  8. Mike Vrabel fired his special teams coach last week after two-blocked punts -the second one almost got his punter killed #Sad
  9. Amy Adams Struck just stuck Nashville taxpayers with a billion dollar tax bill for her new stadium and her team sucks #Sad
  10. Derrick Henry will not re-sign after this season #Sad

Get the picture? #Sad.

Pick: Miami (-14) or -28 or whatever the line is


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