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John Fredericks: MLB Best Bets for Tuesday, May 23

John Fredericks: MLB Best Bets for Tuesday, May 23

JOHN FREDERICKS: MLB BEST BETS FOR TUESDAY, MAY 23 – Now that’s more like it! 3-2 yesterday and +$65! That makes us 97-71 and +$300 avocados for the season!

I’ll take it after betting $100 each on 168 games against the Vegas baseball moneyline. No one in Vegas will test me, they all hide behind phony pay walls!


May 23

Texas (-165) at Pittsburgh 

No sir. I’m not betting 45 year washed up Rich

Hill throwing 76 MPH against this line up. I’ll take my chances with Nathan Evoldi and lay the price on the road. Best $165 I’ll ever lose.

Pick: Texas (-165) DraftKings

Houston (-130) at Mikwaukee

I couldn’t care less who’s on the bump for either team. Houston has reeled eight wins in a row, Altuve is back, Alvarez has gone berserk, Abreu got a hit and Maldy hit one out. Pound it. Ride the wave! Betting baseball takes hutzpah to win.

Pick: Astros (-130)


Oakland at Seattle (-1.5 runs -110)

Seriously? Like taking candy from a baby.

Pick: M’s (-1.5 runs -110)


Birds at Yankees (-160)

Gerrit Cole at home with the Yankees riding a three game win streak? Yep.

Don’t overthink these games. And don’t bet one game a day – you’ll lose. Best bets don’t work in the MLB over 162 games. And don’t change your unit bet per game, that’s even more of a prescription for disaster!

Pick: Yankees (-160)

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