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John Fredericks: Dodgers Accused of Cheating

John Fredericks: Dodgers Accused of Cheating

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida – When God handed out courage, the morally corrupt and feckless executives at MLB hid behind the barn in fear. After all, the Yankees and Dodgers were there to protect them.   

After spending four years scapegoating the Houston Astros as the villain of baseball, we now find out what I’ve maintained since 2020: The Dodgers, Red Sox and Yankees stole signs too. Only worse.   

Unlike the scapegoated Astros, the MLB protected these cheaters in the biggest scandal since the Black Sox fiasco at the end of World War I.   

If you are an Astros fan, or have any reasonable critical thinking skills, you realize that the MLB threw Houston to the wolves. The Astros were an easy target. The big money boys didn’t care.  

The whole thing was only tagged on Houston when loser and squealer, Mike Fiers, went on the record with The Athletic about their trash can banging. The Astros bounced him from their playoff roster in 2017, because he couldn’t get big outs down the stretch.  

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The Scope

The MLB knew the sign stealing cheating in baseball was not limited to Houston.  

Now Fan-Sided reports an anonymous member of the 2018 Boston Red Sox, who themselves were caught cheating red-handed after a World Series title, confirmed suspicious about the Dodgers’ use of sign stealing. 

This from a player, who talked only on the condition of anonymity:  

The Dodgers have always been the thing that bothers me most. Because they’re the biggest cheaters in the whole (expletive) industry…they were doing it against us in the ’18 World Series. They got caught by Major League Baseball and Major League Baseball did nothing.

New York, New York

Then there are the Yankees.  

After months of legal battles, the Yankees and Major League Baseball were unsuccessful in preventing the release of the “Yankees Letter,” last April, in which Commissioner Rob Manfred detailed the findings of the league’s investigation into the Yankees’ purported sign stealing in 2015-2016. 

Despite all the chatter, the letter didn’t reveal much that we didn’t already know. But it did confirm some things that Astros fans have been saying for a while.  

The letter confirms that the Yankees were using video equipment, which was supposed to be used to decide whether to challenge a play on the field, to decode opposing teams’ sign sequences. That information was then relayed to a runner on second base, who would use that information to determine what pitch was coming and signal to the batter at the plate.  

But being it’s the Yankees, Manfred redacted all the incriminating parts and buried it.  

This is blows up the bull-crap meter.  

I’ve Had It Up to Here

Sign stealing in and of itself is not illegal and has never been illegal. If a runner is able to decode a catcher’s signs, or deduce that a pitcher is tipping his pitches, he can signal that information to the batter.

It’s the use of electronic equipment to aid in those efforts that the league has deemed improper, and that rule was on the books well before the Astros used the process.  

MLB brass has now shown themselves as nothing more than low-rent political hacks who couldn’t cut it in Washington, D.C. Their sorry function is protect the storied franchises who drive the ratings.  

The Houston Astros crashed their party.  

The Astros are the dynasty everybody loves to hate.  

Deal with it, losers. 

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