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John Fredericks: Bad Call Blows Super Bowl 57

John Fredericks: Bad Call Blows Super Bowl 57

CARY, North Carolina – It could have gone down as the best Super Bowl game in recent memory. 

A great game, going down to the wire, with two exceptional teams slugging it out like a 15 round heavyweight bout. 

Instead, we got a tick-tack, rinky-dink wimp-o-meter defensive holding call to hand the game to Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. The refs, for the second high profile game in a row, took center stage in lieu of the players and their respective teams. 

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The call to hand the Chiefs the Super Bowl trophy represented everything that’s wrong with the NFL today. These yellow-bellied zebras deciding games for questionable calls is going to sink the league, especially when they all go Patrick Mahomes’ way. It stinks to high heaven. 

The air got sucked out of the room as a Mahomes’ desperation pass on third down sailed out of the end zone, catchable only by pigeons. 

The other sound you heard was the echo of a fantastic Super Bowl ending with a dud. 

As soon as I saw the pass go incomplete, I turned to my son and said, “Here comes the Mahomes’ face of the NFL flag.” 

Sure enough, there it was. The yellow flag, dropped on the ground, like wet laundry. Mahomes is the champion. It makes for such great theater. 

On third-and-eight, with 1:54 left in the game, Mahomes tossed a pass over the head of Juju Smith-Schuster. It looked like the Eagles would get the ball back, down no more than three, with enough time on the clock to score something. Then came the gutless call: defensive holding. 

Both teams committed this penalty all game. The stripes let them play through it. Until Mahomes faced a third and eight. Then it miraculously appears.  

These referees let the men play for the entire game. Until the end. Then they bailed out Mahomes again. 

It’a all about the money.

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