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John Fredericks: Back the Gators Against Utah

John Fredericks: Back the Gators Against Utah

JOHN FREDERICKS: BACK THE GATORS AGAINST UTAH – We are fired up for the start of the college football season and I’m about to give you my favorite play for Thursday night to get things rolling into the weekend in style!

Two Conferences Going Different Directions

Generally, you’re going to be successful backing non-Vanderbilt SEC teams against teams from inferior conferences and the PAC 12 already looks like a decomposing trash heap.

Sure, Florida stunk up the place en route to going 6-7 last season capped off with a 30-3 spanking against Oregon State, but the returning players have had a full offseason to stew on it.

Florida allowed 3,065 total passing yards last season which ranked them a putrid 86th in the FBS.

The good news for them is that Utah will likely be trotting out their backup QB since Cam Rising is still recovering from an injury.

Utah isn’t a pushover — they did go 10-4 last season — and they’ve built a formidable program. But remember, they also ended their season on a sour note, getting smacked around by Penn State 35-21 once they stepped up in competition to a Big 10 team.

Bottom line: Everyone in the PAC 12 is looking for the door as the conference disintegrates in real time. The only two conferences who matter anymore are the Big 10 and SEC. I’ll take the SEC team.

Pick: Gator Chomp +4.5

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  1. Jeff Carter

    Hey John,

    I just cannot help but to ask you what crow
    taists like? Them Gators got smoked Thursday
    buy Utah without numerous starters. Lol.
    When will you people learn….the Utes are a program to be reckoned with? At Baylor will be tougher but I think the Utes take that one too by 4. You’re still great though!

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