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John Fredericks: 2023 NFL Divisional Round Picks

John Fredericks: 2023 NFL Divisional Round Picks

JOHN FREDERICKS: 2023 NFL DIVISIONAL ROUND PICKS – I’m about to hit pay dirt. I make my money in the NFL divisional round. Win, go home, and get the hell out of may way. I’m about to turn into a mean, green, money-making machine.

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Jags at Chiefs -9 

Jacksonville was down 27-0 for a reason. Andy Reid is like 100-1 coming off a bye week. Mahones is looking at the Jags defense in the film room. He’s alternating between licking his chops and laughing his ass off. 

Pick: Chiefs -9 

Giants at Eagles -7.5 

The first meaningful game these two played, the Eagles toyed with the G-Men like a cat with a spool of yarn.

What’s different now? This is not the Vikings clown defense. Easiest game on the card right here.

Eagles are the best team in the NFL, and, if Daniel Jones can’t get 90 yards on his own, turn the lights out on New York, because the party’s over. Blow out. 

Pick: Eagles -7.5 

Bungles at Bills -5.5 

Bungles have major injuries to their O-line. The Burrow magic is about to end.

A little too much hubris for my dollar. Talk is cheap, play the game. The Bills are the team to beat right now.

While 5.5 feels like a lot, home cooking with Bills Mafia behind them is worth a turnover of two. 

Pick: Bills -5.5 

Cowboys at ‘Niners -4 

We know how good San Francisco is, but here’s the problem: no one really knows how good Dallas is.

Dak was elite last Monday night, severing a solid Tampa secondary with a surgeon’s precision and the force of a chain saw.

Here’s another problem: we have no idea how Brock Purdy will perform if things get dicey. I’m going with the unknown over what I know. This may be the Cowboys break out party. This team has all the talent on paper. Can they bust out and maker a run? Nate hopes so. 

Pick: Dallas +4

All odds courtesy of DraftKings as of 1/20/23. 

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