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GODZILLA Ready to Rip it Big on NFL- Week 9!

I was up all night celebrating Astros big World Series win! So this is an abbreviated version!
Lots of champagne bottles strewn about here in my hotel room in Philadelphia.

Colts at Pats -5

Pats get better every week. Colts get worse.
Pick Pats -5 
Bills at Jets + 10.5
Once every season the Bills lose interest on the road and get upset by an inferior foe. This is that week. J-E-T-S
Pick: Jets + 10.5
Fish at Bears +4
Bears eat fish. Trap game. Bears doing fire sale. Just run the ball. Why isn’t this game minus 7? Vegas needs a money popper today to make up for Mattress Mack’s $75 million jackpot!
Pick: Bears + 4
Vikes at Whatevers + 3
Vikes go back to the IBM corporate board room and win another plodding, boring snooze fest by 7. Zzzzzzz
Pick: Vikes -3 (best bet #1)
Cats at Bungles -7
How many games can the Bungles look like cat turd? This is a sense of urgency game for the Queen City bunch.
Pick: Bungles -7
Pack at Lions +4
Rodgers never saw a defense as bad as this. He’s about to get pissed and throw for 400 yards.
Blow out. This Lions team is really bad!
Pick: Pack -4 (Best Bet #2)
Bolts at ACS + 2.5
Bring in the clowns! Bolts have worse receivers than Aaron Rodgers. Another fraud team.
Pick: Atlanta Clown Show +2.5
Raiders at Jags + 2.5
Both teams are playing really poor football. Raiders have imploded. I’ll take the home dog. When two bad teams play bet the homer.
Pick: Jags + 2.5
Hawks at Cards -1.5
This is like the 3:10 to Yuma. Is Kyler No Game Film Murray and his multi millions going to lose at home in a crucial game to one time back bencher Geno Smith? It’s desperation time in the desert.
Pick: Cards -1.5
Rams at Bucks -3
LMFAO! The clowns 🤡 at NFL in NYC cleared all the 4:00 PM games to focus on what they thought would be the week 9 marque game! Instead, it’s this week’s clunker! Rams will sack the old goat 8 times. Stick a fork in Brady, he’s done.
Pick: Rams + 3
Titans at Chiefs +12.5
Who’s at QB for Tennessee? Who cares. Run the ball 80 times and lose by 11! Give it to the King. Titans won’t lay the stink bomb they did in Buffalo. Plus they got Astros mojo by way of Oilers! Love ya Blue! I’m dusting off Bum’s boots tonight. They only come out on rare occasions!
Pick: TitanMania + 12.5
Ravens at Saints -2
Lamar Jackson has had enough. Who Dat? It’s Lamar in the Saints end zone 4 times.
Pick: Ravens -2 (Best Bet #3)

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