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Will the Tampa Bay Rays Ever Lose?

Will the Tampa Bay Rays Ever Lose?

RENO, Nevada – It’s been a hot minute since the Tampa Bay Rays have lost a baseball game of consequence. So long, in fact, that some are asking, will the Rays ever lose a baseball game again?

Short answer: Maybe. 

Long answer: I guess it’s possible that they will eventually lose, but it really doesn’t seem likely. 

Hot Start

The Rays have rushed out the gates to a 9-0 start, winning every ballgame by at least 4 runs, and limiting their opponents to 2 runs or fewer in 6 of those contests. At this point it should be noted that they haven’t exactly been playing against the cream of the crop. 

They opened the season by welcoming the Detroit Tigers to The Trop for a three game set, then traveling up the coast to play the Washington Nationals for three before heading back home to square off against the Oakland Athletics. It’s very likely that none of those three teams will still be in contention much after the first couple months of the season, but that does not detract from the fact that the Rays did what good teams do. They won the games that they were supposed to win.

What’s going so right for the Rays? Everything. The offense is as well-rounded as a baker’s dozen. They lead The Majors in Runs, Homers, RBI, Slugging Percentage, and OPS. Alongside the thump, just about every position player on the roster sports above average foot speed. Couple the fleet of foot with a near inability to punch out at the plate and you’ve got the tallest of orders for every opposing pitching staff and defense. 

Half the Offense, Double the Defense

On the topic of pitching and defense, the Rays boast both in abundance. They’ve allowed the fewest runs, earned runs, and home runs while being tied for second in The Bigs with a staff WHIP of 1.03. Needless to say, they have yet to encounter a save opportunity this season, due in large part to the top notch starting rotation and the relentless offense, but with a mix of familiar faces and fresh young arms who many have never heard of, you can bet that the bullpen is up to the typical standard of recent Tampa Bay teams.  

The defense is littered with athleticism and versatility. They’ll be one of the teams least affected by the new restrictions placed on defensive shifts. The aforementioned quickness, butter-smooth glove-work, laser arms, and a general lack of drop off from the starters to the bench players make for a defense of steady hands that would be the envy of every sufferer of Sunday Scaries slouched in their seat at the Sasquatch Saloon.

Will the Tampa Bay Rays Ever Lose?

The Rays have been feasting on less competitive teams thus far. But they’re built to maintain success in the current offensive climate. They’ve built a “death by depth” roster that features excessive amounts of speed, pop, slick fielders, and high quality arms on the hill. 

Not only do they play a fundamentally sound brand of baseball that Fred McGriff would fully endorse, they are a fantastic watch as well. If you’re a Rays fan, I’m happy for you. If you’re not a Rays fan, try to enjoy the beautiful beat down they will inevitably put on your team at some point this season.


  1. John F

    They played the three worst teams on the majors. Give me a break Donnie! Plus they drew a paltry 11,000 on Easter Sunday after 8-0 start. They play in a glorified cement truck masquerading as a baseball stadium. However I bet them to win east st plus 190.

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