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By: Jack Fredericks (He/Him/His), Nate Perry (#NoPickNate), and John Fredericks (Godzilla)

Week 1 is upon us and our analysts are absolutely locked in on the two biggest games of the night. Check out our picks below! Disclaimer: Picks were originally published on Saturday, August 27. Odds may have changed. 



Kickoff: 7:00 PM 

Jack: This is your markee game for Thursday night, folks. It’s almost certain that one of these teams is overrated and that the line is benefitting from the start of the season or last year’s success. We know Penn State should be a functional team with a strong defense, so the wager starts with Purdue. Either you believe the Boilermakers can continue to pass the ball well without their number one receiver last year and can outscore boring Big Ten opponents with an air attack, or you think the defense blows and they’ll win six games. I like Purdue here. I wish I was getting 6.5, but my feeling is that Vegas thinks they may pull away with this one, too. I’m taking Purdue. Purdue +3

Nate: Penn State looks to be strong both running and passing. Offense should score a bundle. Purdue doesn’t have enough weapons on offense to putt the Penn State defense in a tight spot. Both of the guys playing QB are sixth-year players, so let’s just hope those old guys don’t get hurt out there. Penn State -3

Photo By: Justin Berl/Getty Images


Kickoff: 6:00 PM

Jack: Both teams are starting the season with the Backyard Brawl, a storied Big East rivalry everyone would always forget was on ESPN on a random Thursday in the fall. Then you’d turn on ESPN and think, “Oh wow – is that Pitt? Does Dave Wannstedt still coach there?” Did you forget Pitt won the ACC last season? I sure did. Did you have to look up which conference Pitt plays in? Me too. The Panthers lost basically all their weapons, including Kenny Pickett, who was…really good. Anyhow, this spread would be -21 if the Panthers still had any of the proven firepower. The Mountaineers are going to be bad. I’m talking stink-a-roo. Even Joe Manchin can’t be bothered to watch these games while he lounges on his houseboat instead of legislating. Give me Pitt in a rout. Pitt -7

Nate: Pitt actually returns a very solid team despite losing Kenny Pickett to the cross-town rivals Steelers who may field a similar level of talent this year playing in the big leagues. Pitt rolls through the Mountaineers. Pitt -7

John: Mountaineers are getting no love in grudge match. Pitt is overrated. Someone will kick a field goal with eight seconds to win. Take the dog and the points. WVU +7

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