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Washington Capitals vs. Philadelphia Flyers Expert Pick – Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Washington Capitals vs. Philadelphia Flyers Pick and Prediction – April 16, 2024

WASHINGTON CAPITALS VS. PHILADELPHIA FLYERS EXPERT PICK AND PREDICTION – April 16, 2024 — For Washington, this scenario couldn’t be simpler. Take two points from the Flyers, and the Capitals are in the playoffs. It doesn’t matter how it comes; all the Capitals have to worry about is winning the game Tuesday night.

If the Flyers win, that’s where things get interesting. Philadelphia still has a chance to sneak into the playoffs after back-to-back wins over the Rangers and Devils. But in the words of Amanda Marshall, it might be too little, too late. Thanks to a recent eight-game slide, the Flyers have to beat the Capitals, and they have to do it in regulation. If the game goes to overtime, Philadelphia is eliminated even if it eventually wins.

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Even if the Flyers win, making the playoffs is no sure thing. If Detroit gets a point tonight against Montreal, the Flyers are also eliminated. If they survive both their own game and the Red Wings, their hopes turn to the New York Islanders picking up a meaningless win over Pittsburgh. Only if all of those happen will Philadelphia earn the right to face the Rangers in the postseason.

Washington still has a path with an overtime loss, but it would require a Red Wings loss and a Penguins loss. With a regulation loss, the Capitals would be out of the running.

The Odds






Washington Capitals

(39-31-11 SU, 40-41 PL) 





Philadelphia Flyers

(38-32-11 SU, 47-34 PL)





Puck Drop

When: Tuesday, April 16, 2024, at 7 PM EST

Where: Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia


Public Bets: 68% on Philadelphia

Public Money: 88% on Philadelphia

Washington Capitals vs. Philadelphia Flyers In-Season Trends

That these teams are even in this position is a result of poor play through most of April. Washington lost seven of eight before April 13, while Philadelphia dropped eight in a row before beating the Rangers on April 11. Both teams have limped down the stretch, and neither can make the case that they genuinely deserve to be in the postseason.

What’s key for Philadelphia is whether the defensive improvement last week is real or not. The Flyers gave up an average of 5.25 goals per game during the losing streak, but allowed just one in their previous two games. Washington has also lived or died with its defense; the Capitals have given up just three goals in their past three wins.

Players to Watch

John Carlson clearly wants to get into the playoffs. He’s scored four points in Washington’s past three games, including goals against Boston and Tampa Bay. Dare we go for a third straight game with a goal? He’s only scored 10 goals all year, so you’d understandably be getting odds of +500 to try this. But big games bring out certain things in certain players, and Carlson is answering the bell so far.

Travis Konecny is far more of a scorer, and he’s also hot for the Flyers. Konecny’s 33 goals are already a career-high, but Philly might need a little more to give itself a chance at the postseason. There’s also the possibility of the Flyers getting desperate to consider: overtime is death for Philadelphia. Konecny’s likely to be shooting.

The Pick

Washington comes in as the underdog, but the Capitals have either won or lost by one goal on four of their past five trips up I-95 to Philly. The Capitals also have the distinct advantage of both being able to take a win any way it comes and still having a path without a victory as long as they reach overtime.

Washington’s likely to play a cautious game and let Philadelphia bring the game to it. That means a low-scoring first period could be a sneaky play to try to take advantage of the game situation. As for the game itself, I think Washington finds a way to get Alexander Ovechkin to the playoffs one last time. 

Dan’s Picks

 Capitals ML

 Scoreless First Period (+330)

 Travis Konecny Over 0.5 Goals 

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