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UFC Vegas 70: Best Moneyline Bets

UFC Vegas 70: Best Moneyline Bets

UFC Vegas 70 is almost here and we’re excited for our main event between Nikita Krylov and Ryan Spann. There’s plenty of entertainment in the main event and some great opportunity for prop bets, but the undercard offers much the same.

Let’s take a look at the two of the best moneyline bets for the undercard at UFC Vegas 70.

Rafael Alves (20-11) vs Nurullo Aliev (8-0)

Currently at a 1-2 record in the UFC, Alves hopes to pull off an upset this weekend that gets him back into the win column.

This explosive Brazilian has big power early but starts to taper off as fights get into deep waters. He has a couple wins in the second and third rounds, but against very skeptical competition.

He loves the guillotine choke whenever opponents jump in on a desperation takedown, a submission he has hit in three of his last four wins. It seems as though he’s been splitting his training between Houston with Kru Bob Perez, one of the integral coaches for Derrick Lewis and Lauren Murphy, as well as his original home with MMA Masters in Florida.

He also looks to have been dealing with a broken hand only six weeks ago, curious to see if that plays a factor this weekend.

Undefeated Aliev

Aliev has a flawless 8-0 record and brings the exact style of fighting you’d expect from him, relentless grappling and chain wrestling. He has the cardio to go a full 15 minutes, if need be, but he is so good at chaining his shots together and dragging you to the mat.

His striking is solid enough to stay safe, but it’s obvious he needs fights to hit the mat to have real success. He will be the first fighter from Tajikistan to step foot in the Octagon which is a big deal already.

The fact that he has over 380k Instagram followers before his UFC debut should let you know how highly touted this kid is, especially at the age of 23.

Big things are in store for this kid and getting experience against a veteran like Alves this weekend will be crucial for his success.

Russian Grapplers vs. Explosive Brazilians

Usually when you watch regional Russian MMA, this is the quintessential stylistic matchup we normally see. Relentless Russian grapplers against explosive Brazilians who are fine with throwing up submissions and playing on the ground a little longer than they should.

Of course, Alves has more to offer than just his guillotine choke, especially in the early going with his power on the feet.

However, I think Aliev is prepared to evade those big shots, take the momentum of that explosiveness and turn it into a takedown.

That slow and methodical wear-down of the grappling will chip away at the Aliev gas tank and make these dominant positions easier for Aliev to maintain as the fight gets into deep waters.

I’m expecting a very impressive performance from the Tajik, on route to his first UFC win.

The Pick: Nurullo Aliev -175

Ode Osbourne (11-5) vs Charles Johnson (13-3)

Many have expected big things from Osbourne, even after dropping his UFC debut. However, he’s only put together a 3-3 record through six trips to the Octagon. Most recently he got knocked out by veteran Tyson Nam in August.

Osbourne has always been physically gifted which is what a lot of his success has come from. His reach and speed have allowed him to style on opponents that couldn’t match either of those traits. However, even in a win against CJ Vergara, we see what happens when fights get dragged into deep waters.

Vergara was coming on late in that fight, but, luckily for Osbourne, he was able to win the first two rounds to get his hand raised by decision. With a little more tightening of his technical abilities, Osbourne could be one to keep an eye on.

Johnson’s Win Streak

Coming into the UFC as the former LFA flyweight champion, many were excited for Johnson to step foot in the Octagon. He came up short against super prospect Muhammed Mokaev in his debut, but he performed a lot better than most expected of him which allowed his stock to raise even in a loss.

Since then, Johnson has won two straight fights, most recently back in January. Now he steps in on short notice against Osbourne and he has the perfect style for it.

His speed, combination striking, and movement is difficult for a lot of opponents to get a beat on. The most impressive skill he showcased in his loss to Mokaev was his takedown defense and ability to immediately get back to his feet.

He is a very skilled all-around fighter that could make a march into the top 7-10 of this division with a couple more quality wins.

Technical Fighting in Later Rounds

This should be a fun matchup and will be close in the early goings. However, as this fight gets dragged into deeper water, I expected Johnson’s superior technical striking to take over.

Osbourne will need to rely on his strength and speed early to find a finish, otherwise Johnson will be able to run circles around him when the fight goes deep.

Osbourne won’t be able to keep up with the pace that Johnson pushes either. I like this spot for Johnson a good bit, even though he’s taking it on short notice.

The Pick: Charles Johnson -160

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