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UFC Charlotte: Three Best Moneyline Bets

UFC Charlotte: Three Best Moneyline Bets

UFC CHARLOTTE: THREE BEST MONEYLINE BETS – The UFC is getting kicked off early this Saturday in Charlotte so be sure to get those bets in quickly as the undercard starts at 12:00 EST. Be sure to check Trent Conner’s main event preview for the Rozenstruik vs. Almeida bout.

Let’s get into it with these moneyline wagers.

Gabe Green (11-4) vs Bryan Battle (8-2)


One of the scrappiest fighters on the roster, Green has split his four fights in the Octagon. Most recently he is coming off a loss to highly touted prospect, Ian Machado Garry, in a fight that he had difficulty closing the distance and getting his own offense off. He loves to crash the pocket with his power shots, and he has a decent ground game if he needs it.

He seems to thrive in fights that he can convince the opponent to trade in the pocket. He’s very difficult to put away, but he makes a ton of mistakes in the defensive striking realm that leave him open to getting clipped by his opponents on a consistent basis.


After having his seven-fight winning streak snapped, including his Ultimate Fighter winning performance, Battle is looking to rebound from his December loss to Rinat Fakhretdinov. That was a fight that he got controlled for 14 minutes in a 15-minute fight. He couldn’t get any of his offense off and was rendered to his defenses for the entire fight.

At his best, Battle can utilize his movement from range and pick his opponents apart with his sniper-like shots. He moves very well for this division and has a great gas tank that he weaponizes. What I mean by that is he puts on a high pace early so that he can kick it into this next gear in deep waters when his opponent is looking to breath. He does a great job of this and that usually translates into late finishes for him.

The Pick

I don’t think Battle’s stock dropped too much after his loss to Fakhretdinov, I think he still has a ton of potential and just needs to work on the defensive grappling aspects of his game. It’s not often that he will come across someone who can shut him down like that with wrestling. In this fight, I think his distance striking and movement can help him stay away from the war that Green will be trying to implement. This will allow Battle to turn it up later and pull away with this fight.

Unless Battle pulls off a submission, I think this will go the full 15 minutes with Battle landing the more significant shots to make it look better for the judges. 

The Pick: Bryan Battle +110 


Ji Yeon Kim (9-6-2) vs Mandy Bohm (7-2)


Currently on a career-worst four-fight losing streak, Kim is looking to save her UFC career with a win this weekend. Two of her four losses were quite controversial which is why I believe the UFC is willing to give her a fifth shot to try and get her hand raised. She has not gotten her hand raised since October 2019 when she finished Nadia Kassem at UFC 243.

Kim is a volume-based striker who throws close to 100 strikes in most of her fights. She loves to move and throw in combinations. She doesn’t grapple much at all as she has only shot three takedowns in her nine UFC fights. It’s clear she prefers to let her fists do the talking. She has changed up her training camp a couple times over the last couple of years and most recently has found herself in Thailand. Let’s see if this is the change she needed to finally get her hand raised.


Coming into the UFC with an undefeated 7-0 record, Bohm has taken two straight losses in fights that she has been thoroughly beaten. It’s clear that she was a flash in the pan on the regional scene and was taking advantage of mismatches, but now facing legit resistance she continues to come up short.

The Victoria Leonardo fight is one she should have gotten her hand raised in if she was UFC level, but that was not the case. She used to use an aggressive striking style to overwhelm her opponent to get the finish. Her ground game is still very raw, but given her physical advantage over her opponents, she was getting away with it. Now training out of Xtreme Couture for her second camp, let’s see if they have polished her off enough to be successful at this level.

The Pick

I love the Xtreme Couture team, unfortunately for Bohm I just don’t think that will be enough for her to round out her skills. Kim should be able to beat Bohm to the punch and make her pay when she lets go with her offense. She is a little too wild and Kim will counter effectively. I think Kim can overwhelm her with volume and pace to get her hand raised.

I hope Kim isn’t as gun shy as she was in the Edwards fight because I believe she let that fight slip through her fingers. She has a serious advantage over Bohm in the striking realm here, I just hope she pulls the trigger. If she does, -200 will look like a gift given the skill difference here. 

The Pick: Ji Yeon Kim -200 


Cody Stamann (21-5-1) vs Douglas Silva de Andrade (28-5)


Fresh off a win over a UFC debutant, Stamann is hoping to assert himself back into the rankings with a win over a veteran this weekend. Stamann felt disrespected that the UFC chose to match him up with someone that was making their first walk to the Octagon and he put a stamp on that fight winning it without too much issue.

He comes from a wrestling background but has implemented striking into his game so well that he can get away with just striking nowadays. He throws in combinations and volume and it’s hard for his opponents to get a beat on him. When he has lulled them into thinking it’s just a striking match, he changes levels and takes them to the mat. He has a great all-around game and with losses only to the top of the division, Stamann is still live to make a climb back into the top 10 of the division.

de Andrade

For a long time I called de Andrade the “poor man’s John Lineker”. They had similar builds in terms of being short, stocky fighters who were muscle-bound. As of late, de Andrade has separated himself in terms of his physique: the man looks chiseled out of marble at this point, with negative body fat. He throws big winging hooks with power and consistently stalks his opponents. He will be 38 next month and that’s usually the point where guys in this weight class start to slow down against the high-level competition they face in the UFC.

De Andrade is still capable of taking out the lower end of this division, but he will likely come up short against the mid-tier to top tier of it.

The Pick

I think this is another great fight for Stamann to continue his track back into the top 10 of the division. He has de Andrade beat everywhere in this fight except the power. If Stamann can evade the big power of de Andrade, he should be able to work him into the ground with his pace and volume. Mixing takedowns behind his strikes and vice versa, I expect de Andrade to be overwhelmed by the activity level of Stamann.

This will go the full 15 minutes and I expect the American to come out with his hand raised. 

The Pick: Cody Stamann -160 


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