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Coach Prime Gets Dissed By Vegas: The Receipts Are Minus Three

Coach Prime Gets Dissed By Vegas

2003 College Football Record: 6-2

COACH PRIME GETS DISSES BY VEGAS – We started off last week with a cool 6-1 in College Football ATS, leading off with Coach Prime’s big Colorado debut. This made up for our week 0 Navy debacle.

Today is NOW.

Notre Dame (-7) at NC State 

Who can stop them?

Pick: Irish -7 

Nebraska at Colorado (-3) 

I’ll bet Coach Prime over that clown coach Matt Ruhle at Nebraska seven days a week and twice on Sunday. The Buffs are for real.

Pick: Prime Time (-3)

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Purdue (+1) at VA Tech 

Virginia now has all the worst teams in the ACC. The Boilermakers are in rebuild. The Hokies are in an overhaul.

Pick: Boilermaker AND I’ll have another (+1) 

Ole Miss (-8.5) at Tulane 

Lane Kiflin to Green Wave: Take your money, your degrees, your woke administration and your hype bull-shit and shove it. This is SEC football, not an engineering paper.

Pick: Rebs In A Rout (-8.5) 

Charlotte at Maryland (-24.5) 

Terps to Charlotte: get on the bus and thanks for the paycheck. Blowout.

Pick: Terps (-24.5) 

Wisconsin at Washington State (+5.5) 

Who dat? Cougars – the team no one knows. They will tonight. They slapped a fifty spot on Colorado State.

Pick: Cougars (+5.5) 

Texas at Alabama (-7) 

Hey Longhorns: Welcome to the SEC! Guess what, you’re not in the Big 12 anymore and this ain’t Kansas.

Pick: Tide (-7) 

Texas A&M at Miami (+3) 

The South Beach Massacre. Jimbo Faker gets beat again.

Pick: Canes (+3) 

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