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NFL Week 12: Godzilla Gobbles Up Turkey Day-It’s A Doggie Sunday

NFL Week 12: Godzilla on fire after blowout Turkey Day

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania —-

By John Fredericks

Look out. Here I come. After going 3-0 ATS on Thanksgiving Day I’m about to catch fire. I’m two games over .500 now at 76-74 ATS. Here we go – let the winners roll:


Broncs at Cats + 1

In an incredible act of pure futility and folly, the beleaguered fire sale dumpster fiasco Panthers turn to…Sam Darnold at quarterback. LOL! The Denver defense is ferocious although banged up. A loss here for Wilson is beyond embarrassing. It’s a 9-6 game with lots of Broncos sacks and Interceptions. Charlotte is pitiful.

Pick: Broncs -1


Bucs at Brownies + 3.5

Wow. The Bucs are getting serious now. Each week they get better. I’ve yet to win a bet on or against Cleveland this season. Unpredictable team. I bet them last week in Detroit over Buffalo and they ran the ball effectively until they got behind. I like Brady here pulling out a win to keep his aging teammates in the hunt in the weakest division in the NFL.

Pick: Bucs -3.5


Ravens at Jags -3.5

This game should be -7. Jacksonville has looked a little worse each week and they fold in the fourth quarter like a bad poker hand. At some point, this season Lamar is going to crush someone on the road. Here it is.

Pick: Ravens -3.5


Texans at Dolphins -14

This is easy: Houston can’t stop anybody and the fish get one more laughter game against a clown defense. Then it gets tougher. Enjoy it while you can!

Pick: Fish -14


Bears at Jets -7

Fields or no Fields I’m not laying a touchdown on a team whose offense resembles an 1850s chuck wagon pulled by a lame mule. Did you watch the Jets last week? OMG, it was frightening. Now we get a quarterback with a handful of pro snaps under his belt. And I‘m supposed to give seven? No way. The Bears’ defense is decent. They have a run game. They can win. They hang around games.

Pick: Da Bears + 7


Bungles at Titans + 1

Best bet. Tennessee is 7-3 and an underdog at home to a very inconsistent Bungles team without Joe Mixon or J Chase. Ouch! Vegas gives this team no respect. The Titans have maybe the best defense in the AFC and they’re getting healthy. Plus throw in the best running back in the NFL right now, Derrick Henry.

We all remember last year’s first-round loss at home and Tannehill’s three picks. He had to go through intensive therapy in the offseason to get passed it. No better therapy than a win here. This team is very close and they need to get Tannehill this win. They overperform week in and week out. I bet them to win the super bowl this season three separate times at 40:1, 30:1, and 28:1. Culture matters. Teamwork matters. Defense matters. The Titans give you old-school ugly football. The uglier the better!

Pick: Titans + 1


Atlanta Clown Show (ACS) at Commies -4

I’m taking the Clowns + 4 on the road against a surging Washington football club. Why? Because this is a trap game. The public is all over the Commies and Tyler H. I get it. Rivera has them believing. Plus the Atlanta defense is a sorry bunch. So an easy win, right? Wrong. Mariota has one good game out of every three. This is it. Remember, Chuck Smith has his clown show in the playoff hunt. And they can score quickly. I’m taking the dog and points and looking for an upset here.

Pick: ACS + 4


Bolts at Cards +2.5

I love the Bolts coming into Phoenix and lighting up this Cards phony defense like a Christmas pin ball machine. Newsflash: Justin H-man has his dangerous receiving corps back and ready to go. Kingsbury is getting run out of the desert, the team’s culture is abysmal and their QB is a spoiled brat with no work ethic. Bolts drop a 35 spot on Kingsbury’s defense. This a man’s game.

Pick: Bolts -2.5


Raiders at Hawks -4

Will Derek Carr cry again? This Vegas team is really not very good and now they have players getting called out by teammates for quitting. Not good. Teamwork matters in this game. Josh McDaniels is going soon. While I can’t stand Seattle’s woke coach, he has this rag-tag crew playing inspired football. At home with the 12th man breaking noise barriers – I’m going with Geno and the first-place Hawks doing what they do best: moving the chains in methodical fashion.

Pick: Hawks -4


Rams at Chiefs -15.5

Oh my. From Super Bowl to toilet bowl the Rams have imploded. They sold their soul to win a championship and less than a year later they go to Kansas City as the biggest point-spread underdog the whole season! Bigger than any Texans game! The problem with this spread is the Chiefs are not going to get up for this game. The last time they played a team at home with a backup
QB who completed 5 passes (Malik Willis-Titans) needed a last-minute 2-point conversion and overtime to win. I usually lay big wood but not here. Doesn’t feel right.

Pick: Rams +15.5


Saints at SF -9

I’ve never bet so many dogs in one day in my life! The trip back from Mexico City is a bear and the Niners typically do not perform with precision after long trips. This a tough game for both clubs and SF with their plodding, short pass offense doesn’t blow many teams out. Every dog has its day.

Pick: Saints + 9


Packers at Eagles -6.5

Give me a break. Aaron Rodgers is not happy with his receivers and the Pack is dead. This can be a rout as the Eagles rebound from two stinkers in a row. Three of those games – and panic sets in!

Pick: Eagles -6.5


Steelers at Colts -2.5

Sorry folks – wait until Monday. Haven’t decided yet!

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