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New York Yankees: Five Offseason Trades that Make Sense

New York Yankees: Five Offseason Trades that Make Sense

NEW YORK YANKEES: FIVE OFFSEASON TRADES THAT MAKE SENSE – The New York Yankees have had a very good offseason.

They signed their super star out-fielder, Aaron Judge, to a 9 year, 360 million dollar contract and secured 1st baseman, Anthony Rizzo, to a 2 year, 40 million dollar deal.

They also signed LHP, Carlos Rodón, to a 6 year, 162 million dollar contract in a major move that has solidified their rotation for years to come.

But what should the Yankees do next? Here are five trade options the Yankees have to improve their roster.

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Trade Josh Donaldson

The 37-year-old third baseman is coming off a poor season. He hit a paltry .222 last season and found himself the butt of many a joke.

With players like Oswaldo Cabrera, Oswald Peraza, and Anthony Volpe on the rise, it is absolutely time to trade Donaldson.

Donaldson is expected to make 23 million this season. With all the talent the Yankees have on deck, they should move Donaldson.

The Mets are a interesting option. They are team that’s in desperate need for a 3B and could pull the trigger on a possible trade given how aggressive they’ve been this offseason.

Trad Aaron Hicks

Aaron Hicks has fallen off a ton since his impressive 2018 season, going from a .248 batting average in 2018 to .216 in 2022.

Hicks has also declined defensively and is expected to make 10 million this season. With how well Oswaldo Cabrera has played in his stead, Hicks would be a great player to move.

Trading Hick would save the team money and improve the position at the same time.

The Dodgers are in need of a center fielder and could answer some phone calls about Hicks. I’d love to get a nice reliever or two back for an aging outfielder with a glove in decline.

Trade Isaiah Kiner-Falefa

This is probably the most likely trade to make for the Yankees.

Anthony Volpe is on the rise and he’s expected to be starting for the Yankees sometime this season.

Kiner-Falefa is a piece that should be traded. He’s a player that would have a solid market, since his contract is relatively cheap.

There are a few teams that could make the trade for Kine-Falefa. Arizona, Miami, and Boston are team’ to keep an eye on for a possible trade for the shortstop.

A Max Kepler Trade?

The Yankees are low on outfielders and an aggressive trade for someone like Twins’ outfielder, Max Kepler, could make sense.

Kepler would be an instant upgrade over Aaron Hicks. His contract is at 8.5 million for this year and it would make a lot of sense for a trade to happen between those two teams. The Twins need a lot of pieces in order to be competitive and the Yankees have some offensive weapons that might make for a nice swap.

Calling Brian Reynolds?

Pirates outfielder, Brian Reynolds, would be a great addition to the New York Yankees. It’s very unlikely due to the asking price, but let’s play it out anyways.

According to an executive, the Pirates are looking for the top 3-4 Yankees prospects in return for a trade for Brian Reynolds. The thought of an outfield with Aaron Judge (Right OF), Harrison Bader (CF), and Brian Reynolds in left is very tempting.

I’m not sure the Yankees are willing to give up any of their top three-four prospects, especially Anthony Volpe and Jasson Dominguez.

I might be living in la-la land, but a player like Brian Reynolds could finally be the push the Yankees need to defeat their American League foe, the Houston Astros, and finally advance to the World Series.

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  1. Ish

    Yanks suck…. Astors will repeat this year. Bank on that’s, sir. Money can’t buy you championships if you don’t have leaders on the team. Tino.. Jeter..ect. Yankees have put themselves in the position where they buy talent with no leadership skills. And that will never work.

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