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Monday Night Football: Washington Commanders at Philadelphia Eagles

We’re Tired of Losing

You irreverent NFL analysts are back for another Monday Night matchup of outsized proportions. Had you asked us a few weeks ago, we’d have dismissed this game as an absolute rout, one rendered unwatchable as the Commanders seemed destined to spiral into oblivion with Carson Wentz driving the bus. But the Taylor Heinecke experiment has sort of worked and the Commanders are 2-1 in their last three games.

Nate and I would also like to apologize for missing a Sunday NFL column. The Ole Miss game hit me hard and I spent most of Sunday recovering from yet another loss to Bama. As for Nate, let’s just say Sundays have a way of spiraling harder than Wentz’s Commanders. We’re back for Monday, though, so let’s hit it.

Washington Commanders at Philadelphia Eagles (-11) (o/u 43)

Kickoff: 8:15 pm EST on ESPN

The Theory

Jack: I have this new theory called “The Eagles Have to Lose a Game at Some Point.” It’s a very sophisticated theory based on a lot of hard research like the fact that only one team has ever gone undefeated and it’s not the 2022 Philadelphia Eagles. I stand by this theory. I’m a learned man.

This theory has led me to begin hammering the money line for whomever the Eagles play. I figure that most of these teams will be deep underdogs with good value and, well, at some point the Eagles have to lose.

I’ve been impressed with the Commanders defense. They tend to keep their team in games and Heinecke seems like he has more gumption than Wentz. The Eagles are still the best team in the NFC. They combine great defense with a stellar playmaking ability on offense. You don’t need metrics to understand why the Eagles have to lay 11 here. They are the better team.

But the theory holds. They’ll lose at some point and I’ll cash in a big, fat money line ticket with terrific odds. I will fade this excellent Eagles team all year until they lose.

Oh yeah and take the under.

Pick: Under Total Points +/- 43. 

On Mondays, We Pound the Under

Nate: The Eagles are ridiculously good and should dominate an overmatched Washington team, but I’m leery of laying another huge spread after the Eagles failed to cover against the Texans.

This is a tough divisional game that should be relatively low-scoring. This Eagles defense is for real, and I’m not seeing a lot of avenues for the Commanders to get points. I’ll take the under in this game tonight.

Pick: Under Total Points +/- 43. 

Godzilla Roars

John: The Godzilla is here to set you straight. These wimpy millennials are scared to lay the points. We’re not scared to lay no stinking points. Sorry, Nate! Maybe your analytics can tell you why you’re such weenie.

Eagles win big. Send it.

Pick: Eagles -11.

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