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Monday Night Football: Ravens at Saints, Expert Picks and Predictions

No Love for NOLA

You favorite team of unfettered NFL fans is here to provide with more insight into games you shouldn’t be watching. Seriously, take the night off. Go play with your kids. Vote early. Exercise.

Stop taking our advice.

Are you gone?

Good. Now that only the true degenerates are still with us, we’ll provide with our hottest takes for Week 9’s Monday Night Football game between the Baltimore Ravens and the New Orleans Saints. Can the Saints stop the Lamar train? Will the Ravens blow another lead? Is Andy Dalton still a professional quarterback in the National Football League. We’ll answer all these questions and more below.

Say, want more Ravens coverage? Our Senior Ravens analyst, Peter Kriebel, has given us the best in depth analysis of this game. You can read it here.

Baltimore Ravens at New Orleans Saints (+2) (0/u 46)

Kickoff: 8:15 pm EST on ESPN

Odds courtesy of DraftKings as of 11/7/22.

Jack: Your boy had a tasty money line on the Titans last night, who decided to lose in overtime and ruin my chance at. a gorgeous payout. In response, I drove to Tunica and rage wagered a slew of games spanning from NBA to Week 10 teasers to underdog parlays to Monday Night Football. I had no intention of taking this game, but I was so mad at the Titans that I accidentally hammered the Ravens twice. Great.

I usually gravitate towards the underdogs in these big spots, but I hate the Saints defense. They don’t force turnovers or put much pressure on the quarterback. New Orleans gives up tons of points per game, most of which come from touchdowns. They rank in the middle against both the run and the pass. The only thing the Saints defense does remotely well is prevent third down conversions.

I don’t think that will be enough tonight against a tough Ravens offense. Throw in Andy Dalton’s primetime woes and the Saints are toast. Two points isn’t much to lay. Pick: Ravens -2.

Nate: These teams are total opposites in terms of how they show up to games. Ravens start hot then fade, having blown three double digit leads this season. The Saints, on the other hand, put up their best numbers in the second half.

I’m scared of playing the Ravens for the full game, so I’ll take them -0.5 for the first half and stare really hard at playing the Saints live or in the second half. Pick: Ravens First Half -0.5.

John: Lamar Jackson has had enough. Who Dat? It’s Lamar in the Saints end zone 4 times. Pick: Ravens -2.

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