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John Fredericks Quick Picks for Jan. 13 2024

Johnny’s Quick Picks for January 13, 2024


JOHNNY’S QUICK PICKS FOR January 13, 2024!

It’s minus -3 degrees here! Time for some Football!

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Read below for John Fredericks Quick Picks for January 13, 2024

NFL – Playoffs!

Playoffs! Who said playoffs? I’m just trying to win a game! Rock and Roll!

 Browns (-2) at Houston

 This is not a difficult decision. Cleveland comes into the playoffs with arguably the best defense in the NFL.

Houston, while playing very game down the stretch is banged up on both sides of the ball. While I like Stroud, rookie quarterbacks to do not fare well in playoff games. With his O-Line decimated, Stroud will be running for his life the whole game.

I’m going to put my money on that Browns defense coupled with veteran experience at quarterback. This is the most favorable draw Cleveland could have hoped for. They clobbered Houston 37-7 just a few weeks back.

The Brownies are back. They can beat anyone on any given day with that front four.

Pick: Browns (-2)

 Fish at Chiefs (-5)

Miami is a fraud. They are 1-5 against teams playoffs teams. They have only defeated one team all season with a winning record. They are zero for their last 10 in games where it’s under forty degrees at kickoff.  It’s minus one in Kansas City today—without the windchill.

While the Chiefs have underperformed all season, this game is made for them to turn it around. Mahomes will take out his bag of magic tricks and run around like a crazy man possessed. The Chiefs defense loves these games – they hit and it stings.

Too much cold, and too much Arrowhead.

Pick: Chiefs (-5)


 Vancouver (-150) at Buffalo

 The Canucks keep winning and I keep collecting. This team has overperformed all season. Why stop now? Go with the trends—plus they are winning on the road–where they have gone 14-7-2. Buffalo is 18-20 and just has not impressed.

Pick: Vancouver (-150)

Avalanche at Toronto (-115)

 I love the Maple Leafs at home on Saturday night. The team everybody loves to hate! Ha! Just win, baby!

 Pick: Toronto (-115)

 Penguins (+1.5 Goals) at Raleigh

 Don’t look now but Pittsburgh has finally put it together. Early in the season the Pens looked old and slow. Now they are skating with precision and mission. Could this be their roll? I’m on it!

Pick: Pens (+1.5 goals) 

Flyers at Jets (-190)

When you can get the best team in hockey at home and lay under -200, jump on it. Ask questions later like, “why didn’t I bet more on the Jets?” Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

Pick: Jets (-190)


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