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John Fredericks Quick Picks for Dec. 9, 2023

Johnny’s Quick Picks for Dec. 9, 2023

JOHNNY’S QUICK PICKS FOR DEC. 9 2023 – Welcome to my Quick Picks column, where I hand out winners, winners, and more winners every day. I fire off picks on everything from college hoops to the NHL.

Guess what? You don’t even have to do anything. Just bookmark my column and check back every day for my #QuickPicks. This is the John Fredericks Pick-O-Rama palooza! Don’t miss out.

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Read below for more John Fredericks Quick Picks for Dec. 9, 2023.

College Football

Army (-3) vs. Navy

Both teams come in 5-6. The difference is Army has won their last three games, and they can run the football down your throat. It’s ground chuck in Philly, no cheese steak today!

Army dismantled the Air Force 23-3. Two weeks prior, Navy got blown out by Air Force. Need to know more? Run baby, run!

Pick: Army (-3)

College Hoops

Arkansas at Oklahoma (-3.5)

Oklahoma is a scoring machine. Is that why they are undefeated? Partly, but they also have a decent D-1 Power Five defense, allowing 62 points a game. At home, the Sooners are averaging 50 percent shooting.

Arkansas beat Duke. Yay! But Duke couldn’t make a basket if they tossed watermelons into a lake that night.

Pick: Oklahoma -3.5

Georgia State (-1.5) at Mercer

Mercer is pathetic right now. They just got smoked in Atlanta by 22 by South Alabama.

Georgia State has the two best guards in the Sun Belt conference in Jayden Turner and Lucas Taylor. Lots of speed on the perimeter.

Pick: GA State (-1.5)

Fairfield at Sacred Heart (-3)

Sacred Heart head coach Anthony Latina has been at the helm for the ten years. What college coach of a small school wins and stays there for 10 years? He’s been there for 20 years total! He loves his team and his school. He picked lifestyle and loyalty over fame and money.

This year’s team is big, and Fairfield is in a rebuild.

I watched Sacred Heart last week in my hotel, an obscure game I randomly stopped at during a channel surf. Their two guards are big boys: Nico Galentee is 6’6” and Tanner Thomas is 6’7’’. They are an impressive front court combo. They can drain some treys, they can drive, they can post up, they can run…these are a few of my favorite things!

Pick: Sacred Heart (-3)


Tampa (-125) over Seattle

The Lightening need to win a game and get the hell home. Seattle is playing very poorly right now.

Pick: Tampa (-125)

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