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John Fredericks Quick Picks for Dec. 6, 2023

John Fredericks Quick Picks for Dec. 6, 2023

JOHN FREDERICKS QUICK PICKS FOR DEC. 5 2023 – Welcome to my Quick Picks column, where I hand out winners, winners, and more winners every day. I fire off picks on everything from college hoops   to the NHL.

Guess what? You don’t even have to do anything. Just bookmark my column and check back every day for my #QuickPicks. This is the John Fredericks Pick-O-Rama palooza! Don’t miss out.

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Read below for more John Fredericks Quick Picks for Dec. 5, 2023.

College Hoops 

We won a cliff hanger with Boise State last night and then lost by one in OT with UNC-Asheville. Even-Steven. 

Richmond (+2) at Northern Iowa

Northern Iowa has allowed 90 and 91 points respectively in their last two games. That’s a lot of opposing baskets! Naturally, they got their clocks cleaned, dropping both. NI is last in defense in their conference, weak as it is. 

Richmond comes in 5-2 overall and 6-2 ATS. They just blew out William and Mary where they popped an 88. NI beat Stanford, which they hang their hat on. The Cardinal overlooked them. Richmond won’t. 

Pick: Richmond (+2) 


Loyola Maryland – LaSalle (143.5 total) 

Everybody loves LaSalle! But who have they played? Nobody. When they play a good team – they don’t score. 

Either way, they may be the best defensive unit in the eastern seaboard. Loyola MD is 1-7 and they don’t score against anybody, let alone a D like LaSalle’s. 

I don’t bet OVER/UNDER much, but when I do, it’s a LaSalle game. 

Pick: Under (143.5) 


Pens at Tampa Bay (-135) 

Pittsburgh is not playing very well right now. I watch most games now that I’m in Pittsburgh. They look slow and aging. Other than beating up on some of the worst teams in the NHL on the west coast, they don’t beat good teams on the road. 

This is a tough night in Florida’s west coast. I have to fade the Pens on the road right now. 

Pick: Tampa (-135)

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