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John Fredericks Quick Picks for Dec. 23, 2023

Johnny’s Quick Picks for Dec. 23, 2023


JOHNNY’S QUICK PICKS FOR DEC. 23 2023 – Welcome to my Quick Picks column, where I hand out winners, winners, and more winners every day. I fire off picks on everything from college hoops to the NHL.

Guess what? You don’t even have to do anything. Just bookmark my column and check back every day for my #QuickPicks. This is the John Fredericks Pick-O-Rama palooza! Don’t miss out.

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Read below for more John Fredericks Quick Picks for Dec. 23, 2023.

We went 1-2 yesterday – I’ve hit on 10 of 11 college hoop plays. Lets Go!

College Hoops

 Duquesne (-3.5) Vs. Santa Clara

 Duquesne has reeled off four straight and is allowing a stingy 68 points a game. Played in Vegas, this is a mis-match and a short spread.

Pick: Duquesne (-3.5)

Missouri (+15.5) at St. Mary’s

This is just way too many points for a team that doesn’t score. Mizzou scores 74 PPG and St. Mary’s is averaging 71. Too many points here.

 College Football

 Troy Vs. Duke (+6.5)

Duke has undergone a transfer portal nightmare, while losing four of six down the stretch.

Troy has 10 wins, but mostly against inferior teams. The only decent teams Troy played were JMU and Kansas State, and they lost both, getting smoked by KSU 48-17.

Duke’s horrible finish can be salvaged today win a nice win against a paper tiger.

 Pick: Duke (+6.5)

 Northwestern (+6.5) Vs. Utah

Utah has lost virtually half its team. They’ve dropped four of their last five games. In the meantime, Northwestern has overcome immense adversity this season to put together a solid season, culminating with winning four of their last five games.

The Wildcats have covered six in a row, and are playing very well right now. They’ve come a long way since the negative press and the firing of Coach Pat Fitzgerald over the hazing during Spring ball.

Pick: Northwestern (+6.5)

 GA State Vs. Utah State (-1)

Georgia State has dropped their last five games. Why are they here? Adding insult to injury, they have been decimated by the transfer portal.

Utah State has won four of their last five. Two teams going in opposite directions.

GA State’s pass defense is horrendous: FCS school Rhode Island lit their secondary up for 408 yards in October.

Pick: Utah State (-1)

 JMU Vs. Air Force (-1)

 Everybody and their grandmother is betting JMU in this game – except me. JMU got in a bowl game because not enough teams won six games! Hard to believe!

After their great season in big time football, their head coach Curt Cignetti and his staff high tailed it to Indiana. This left JMU with no coaches. They actually had to scour local Virginia high schools to find a one-game coaching staff. Then 10 JMU starters entered the portal to find greener pastures.

Air Force got off to a 8-0 start, then lost their last four, starting with a 23-3 blowout loss to Army.

Bottom line: Air Force is now healthy, they played a better schedule and they run the football.

I love the Falcons O-line here. Run baby, run.

Pick: Air Force (-1)

 Arkansas State Vs. Northern Illinois (+3)

 Both teams are 6-6.

Get this: Northern Illini QB Rocky Lombardi is a 25 year old playing in his seventh college season.

Arkansas State QB Jaylen Raynor is an 18-year old true freshman.

Northern IL has a 2,000 receiver in Travon Rudolph – he needs a big game to get out of the portal. He entered and got no big takers.

The Huskies defense is really good, while Arkansas State allows 32 PPG and can’t stop a runny nose.

Pick: Northern Illinois +3

Merry Christmas All!

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