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John Fredericks MLB PICKS for Monday, July 24 – What, Me Worry?



2023 MLB Godzilla Season Stats

223-181-1 +$640

*Based on all wagers at $100 per game at money or run line odds as specified in Draft Kings. Note: If money line is -$150, we are laying $150 to win $100, etc.  If we take +$130 and we win, we win $130 for our $100.

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July 24 2023

We went a crappy 1-2 yesterday, costing us another minus -$175. Ugh. Brings us to 223-181-1 on the season, but we are still up plus +$640. Lets go!

Here’s what I’ve learned since the All-Star break:

  • The Birds are for real and will win the AL East
  • The Rays are a one-half wonder and may fade into oblivion
  • The Cardinals suck, it’s time for a fire sale, and I (Astros) don’t want any of their pitchers
  • The Mets are pathetic – best team money can’t buy
  • The Padres are a clown show on wheels and going nowhere
  • The Yankees can beat Kansas City at home
  • The Tigers don’t suck (well, they kind of suck)
  • Never bet Cleveland on the road – EVER
  • The Angels are the most incompetent franchise this side of the Hartford Whalers
  • The Astros’ Yordan Alvarez is NOT in tonight’s lineup vs. Texas (gulp)
  • Minnesotta may win the A.L. Central under .500

So now on to today’s games (winners):

O’s at Phillies (-125)

This is a huge let-down game for the Birds. After an emotional and tough fought series at the Trop, where the O’s beat the Rays three of four (three in a row) and burst into first place in the A.L. East, tonight is flat night–you can sense it a mile away.

Baltimore’s Dean Kremer has been a little less sharp his last few outings, and arm fatigue may be setting in. His ERA is 4.80, but his xERA is 5.64, which is the bottom 10 percent of all MLB starting pitchers. Plus his Average Exit Velocity is going up –big time. The Phillies have lost four of five, but had a nice win in Cleveland yesterday. They’re tied for the last wild card spot so they are in the thick of things. Philadelphia’s Christopher Sanchez has been on the upswing — allowing just six earned runs in his last four starts spanning 22.0 innings. Not bad!

Pick: Phillies (-125)

 Cards at Arizona (-135)

The D-Backs come home limping after getting smacked around by the Reds. They’ve lost four in a row, eight of ten and got bounced out of first by the Dodgers, now four games back.

It’s now or never in the desert.

St. Louis is playing out the string, waiting for half the team to get traded away to real contenders. Pitchers here don’t matter to me. For the D-Backs, its win or fight the Padres for fourth place. The Cardinals have quit. Their lackluster performance against their Wrigley rivals showed that.

Pick: D-Backs (-135)

 Reds at Milwaukee (-115)

The Crew has owned the Reds and this matchup is no different. Both starters won’t last into the sixth inning, so who’s bullpen to do you want? One of the best (Brewers) or one of worst (except Diaz their closer – Reds).

Let me see the Reds beat Milwaukee two of three in this series and maybe – just maybe—I’ll believe. Until then…

 Pick: Brew-Crew (-115)

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