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John Fredericks: MLB Moneyline Wagers for Wednesday, June 21st

John Fredericks: MLB Moneyline Wagers for Wednesday, June 21st

JOHN FREDERICKS: MLB MONEYLINE WAGERS FOR WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21ST – I love the smell of winning in the morning! We went 3-2 last night and cashed a plus +$85 ticket. Not bad-this takes us to plus +$250 on the season with a 154-120 record. We are in a really good position after betting $100 money line on 174 games! On to getaway day!

June 21, 2023

2023 MLB Godzilla Season Stats

154-120 Plus +$250

*Based on all wagers at $100 per game at money or run line odds as specified in DraftKings. Note: If moneyline is -$150, we are laying $150 to win $100, etc.  If we take +$130 and we win, we win $130 for our $100. 


D-Backs (-140) at Milwaukee

If Arizona could hold a lead they would have the best record in baseball. If my grandmother had wheels, she’d be a trolley car. Neither is true. But this is true: Zac Gallen is a beast! He’s 8-2 and has been lights out in four of his last five starts. It’s a rubber game with Arizona’s ace going.

Pick: D-Backs (-140)


Cubs (-120) at Pirates

I can’t bet 45-year-old Rich Hill throwing 78 MPH and walking six guys a game. The Cubs should small-ball him and 62 MPH curve-ball to death.

While Kyle Hendricks has only thrown 28 innings for Chicago this season, he has been effective.

Pick: Cubs (-120)


Mets at Astros (-145)

Houston won a key game last night and it feels like they have righted the ship. A gem by Framber Valdez can do that for a team! Today the Astros come back with Christian Javier, who has been outstanding all season at 7-1. Astros need to win this series at home to keep pace in a tougher-than-expected A.L. West.

Pick: Astros (-155)


M’s (-160) at Yankees

I like Luis Castillo getting the Mariners back to .500. Although New York won last night, they have really struggled without Aaron Judge. At some point, Seattle has to start winning on the road.

Pick: Mariners (-160)


Boston (+115) at Twins

Boston has been a bean-bash machine, scoring runs like crazy and winning six straight. The Twinkies have dropped three in a row, so let’s go with the big MO, Sonny Gray and all!

Pick: Boston (+115)


Dodgers at Angels (-145)

This is simple: I’m going with Ohtani over a struggling, underperforming, and over-paid Dodgers team.

Pick: Angels (-145)


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