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John Fredericks: MLB Moneyline Wagers for Tuesday, June 6th

John Fredericks: MLB Moneyline Wagers for Tuesday, June 6th

JOHN FREDERICKS: MLB MONEYLINE WAGERS FOR TUESDAY, JUNE 6th – Yesterday sucked as I went 0-2. We lost -$220 and are hanging by a thread at plus +$30 for the season. I need to run the table tonight. Let’s lay it in and go 5-0!

June 6, 2023

2023 MLB Godzilla Season Stats

122-96 Plus +$30

*Based on all wagers at $100 per game at money or run line odds as specified in DraftKings. Note: If moneyline is -$150, we are laying $150 to win $100, etc.  If we take +$130 and we win, we win $130 for our $100. 


Oakland at Pittsburgh (-1.5 Runs, -130) 

Ok, so the A’s lost by one run last night. Yay for them. Don’t be afraid of the Triple-A’s. 

Pick: Pirates (-1.5 Runs, -130) 

Twins at Rays (-170) 

Give me 7-1 Zach Eflin at home in the dome and his 60 K’s against the Twins who coughed up two of three to Cleveland at home. Rays are winning again. 

Pick: Rays (-170) 

Chisox at Yankees (-145) 

The Yankees are finally playing winning baseball. Quietly they have moved to 11 games over .500. They had to cut Aaron Hicks, a disgruntled negative influence in the clubhouse. Meanwhile the White Sox continue to flounder. 

Pick: Yankees (-145)

Mets at Atlanta (-170) 

Atlanta got back on track in Phoenix and now they come home to face a phony Mets team. Bryce Elder is going for the Braves and has been spitting bullets in his last several starts. The Mets don’t hit much to begin with, nor do they win very often in Atlanta. 

Pick: Braves (-170) 

Cards at Rangers (-140) 

I am going to keep betting Texas until they lose two in a row. They are hitting up and down the lineup and playing with a lot of confidence. They’ve won four straight and eight of ten. Better yet, their pitching has exceeded expectations. Ride the win streak. Cardinals are a clown-show. 

Pick: Texas (-140)

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