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John Fredericks: MLB Best Moneyline Wagers for Wednesday

John Fredericks: MLB Best Moneyline Wagers for Wednesday

JOHN FREDERICKS: MLB BEST MONEYLINE WAGERS FOR WEDNESDAY – Baseball is a funny game. One day the baseball looks as big as a cantaloupe and the next it’s a grain of sand. Picking games on the moneyline can be the same way.

I have my system: peruse the pitchers, weight the analytics. I use the Daily Racing Forum to sharpen the knife with which I cut my picks. I have a system with rules. But a lot of the picks are based on feel. I watch a ton of baseball so that you don’t have to. Sometimes I can just feel when a hot streak is coming.

Today is one of the days.

I’m about to go off.

Godzilla MLB Record 2023 


+$309 for the Season  

*Based on all wagers at $100 per game at money or run line odds as specified in DraftKings. Note: If moneyline is -150 we are laying $150 to win $100, etc.  If we take +130 and we win, we win $130 for our $100.

April 26, 2023

We went 2-2 last night and gagged up a minus $118. On to Spaghetti Wednesday! 

White Sox at Toronto (-190) 

Chicago’s Mike Kopech is getting lit up each start like a cheap cigar. Chicago has lost six straight and the teams looks dejected and defeated. I’m fading the South Siders until they figure this out. The Blue Jays win a lot of home games. This is one of them.

Pick: Toronto (-190) 


Miami at Atlanta (-155) 

Miami’s Sandy Alcantara, the MLB’s reigning Cy Young winner, is why this game is only -155 in Atlanta.

But he’s been rocked of late, giving up 14 runs in two starts. Atlanta is 61-25 in their last 86 games vs. the Marlins. 

Pick: Atlanta (-155) 


Padres at Cubs (-115) 

Padres this and Padres that: LOL.

How about they win some games? The Cubs keep winning and the Vegas Wise Guys keep dismissing them. I like teams that are winning.

Drew Smyly has been beast-adjacent as of late, posting a 3.13 ERA.  He has also allowed just two runs in his last 18 innings. I like pitchers who don’t allow runs. Duh. Cubbies in Wrigley getting love from Godzilla. 

Pick: Cubbies (-115) 

Tigers at Brew-Crew (-210) 

I don’t need to write a narrative. No way Milwaukee gets swept at home by Detroit. Freddy Peralta is their stopper and the losing streak ends tonight. 

Pick: Brewers (-210) 

Cards at Giants (EVEN) 

Give me some of that Giants home cookin’! They’ve won four straight and are hotter than a cup of coffee straight from the microwave . I love DeScalifini today, the Bay’s very own Italian Stallion. St. Louis is over-valued by Vegas, this is sub .500 team. 

Love the streaking Giants today! 

Pick: Giants (EVEN) 


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