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John Fredericks: MLB Best Moneyline Wagers for Thursday

John Fredericks: MLB Best Moneyline Wagers for Thursday

JOHN FREDERICKS: MLB BEST MONEYLINE WAGERS FOR THURSDAY -Baseball is a funny game. One day the baseball looks as big as a cantaloupe and the next it’s a grain of sand. Picking games on the moneyline can be the same way.

I have my system: peruse the pitchers, weight the analytics. I use the Daily Racing Forum to sharpen the knife with which I cut my picks. I have a system with rules. But a lot of the picks are based on feel. I watch a ton of baseball so that you don’t have to. Sometimes I can just feel when a hot streak is coming.

Today is one of the days.

I’m about to go off.

Godzilla MLB Record 2023  


+$594 for the Season   

*Based on all wagers at $100 per game at money or run line odds as specified in Draft Kings. Note: If money line is -150 we are laying $150 to win $100, etc.  If we take +130 and we win, we win $130 for our $100. 

 April 27 2023 

Yippee! We went 4-1 last night and a very cool plus +$285! Now we’ve got some jack at + $594 for the season!  

On to MLB Turkey Thursday!  

Padres (-155) over Cubbies  

I’ve been waiting to catch San Diego on a winning streak all April. This might be it today! Seth Lugo has been solid for the Padres in all his four starts: 2-1 with a 2.78 ERA and 23 K’s over 23 innings. The Cubs don’t deserve to be minus -155 and this is not a good value based on how inconsistent San Diego has been. I’m rolling the dice on an eight game winning streak and I want to catch them early.  

Pick: Padres (-155) 

Dodgers (-155) over Pirates  

I can’t believe I am getting Julio Urias for LA over the Cubs Mitch Keller for -155. Pittsburgh is way over valued here.  

Pick: Dodgers (-155)  

Cards at Giants (-160)  

I am riding this Giant five game win-wave with my man Logan Webb! Let’s go for 10 in a row! Cards are not that good, Vegas loves them. Whatever.  

Pick: Giants (-160) 



Rays (-160) over White Sox  

Houston shut out Tampa-Bay twice in a row. Hey Rays, that’s what great pitching looks like. The White Sox have dropped seven straight and look pathetic. Now they have to face this monster: Shane McClanahan. He’s 4-0 with a 1.86 ERA. He’s beastly. While I like Dylan Cease for Chicago, his team sucks right now.  

Pick: Rays (-160)  

Yankees (-178) at Rangers  

Texas just coughed a hairball in Cincy and now they have to face Gerrit Cole. It just gets worse for the Rangers. Cole has been unhittable – he’s got passed sticky-gate. Look at this for Cole: 4-0, 0.78 ERA, 0.79 WHIP, 36K’s, 0 homers. Wow!  

Pick: Yankees (-178)  


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  1. Dennis Hildebrand

    Hello John, I see you on warroom all the time. Love the site. Keep up the great work.
    Dennis Hildebrand – Pinal County Arizona patriot

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