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John Fredericks: Gonzaga and FAU Prevail in Elite Eight

John Fredericks: Gonzaga and FAU Prevail in Elite Eight

JOHN FREDERICKS: GONZAGA AND FAU PREVAIL IN ELITE EIGHT – We’re back with our March Madness coverage of the 2023 NCAA Tournament. I’m still heating up with massive wins all over the tourney, including a brilliant SDSU pick.

Before we get to today’s picks. be sure to read James Tillman’s excellent analysis of the Gonzaga/UConn game. You’ll also want to check out the Godzilla Wins Saturday Picks show. We’ve included the podcast link below and the YouTube video at the end of this article.

Gonzaga Vs. UConn -2.5 

Gonzaga is coming off an epic battle with UCLA and now they must face a more physical and healthier team in UCONN. That’s why all the Vegas Wise Guy money went to the Huskies. 

UConn plays in the Big East. Yeah, right. I’m shaking in my boots. Not. 

The Bulldogs are the team of destiny. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. They are battle tested and a downright fearless bunch. How can you not beleive in them after Thursday night? That comeback win over UCLA was a tournament changer. 

I believe in magic. Do you? 

Pick: Gonzaga +2.5 


Florida Atlantic Vs. Kansas State -2 

FAU burned me a few nights ago as they took care of the Vols, but I don’t hold grudges. They were manhandled and mugged by Tennessee’s Rugy on the hardwood bunch and still kicked them in the teeth. 

This FAU Dusty May is something special. He took a dead program and made them winners. All this team does is win games. 

This is a good spot for FAU for various reasons. 

First, they rank higher in both recent adjusted offensive and defensive efficiency ratings. 

Those are the two main pillars of team success, so it makes little sense to price them as the underdog here. It’s a Big !2 thing. 

KSU have been outstanding so far in this tournament, and they have some very good atheletes. 

However, there is something about the Owls right now… whether it’s confidence, swagger, or pure destiny; this team is making all the big plays, at all the right times. FAU has looked downright awful at times, but here they are, playing to get to the Final Four. Why? They find a way to win games. Nothing about this tournament has gone to sript. Why should it stop now? 

Pick: Florida Atlantic +2


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