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Godzilla Wins Radio Show – Godzilla’s NFL Week 1 Picks: Cowboys, Titans, Packers + Real RedSkins! [September 10, 2022]

On Episode #4 of the Godzilla Wins Radio Show, John, Jack, and #NoPickNate make their picks and give analysis on the Cowboys, Titans, Packers + Real RedSkins!

Your GO-TO source for picking college and pro-football winners! Win or go home!

Every week on the John Fredericks Media Network our esteemed panel of college and pro-football handicappers will give you their analysis and selections Against The Spread (ATS).

No nonsense and no fluff. Just winners!

Dump the ritzy shows that don’t know crap and pick losers. We give you WINNERS!

Godzilla Wins Radio Show airs LIVE on the John Fredericks Media Network and the John Fredericks Radio App on Saturdays from 9:00 AM -10:00 AM.

Our Analysts:

John Fredericks: Former racehorse trainer and football handicapper bring the heat!

Jack Fredericks: The voice of the Left brings the heat from a Mississippi gambling boat!

Nate Perry: #NoPickNate is in Reno, NV – the sports books in Reno hope he doesn’t have another blow our year!




  • John Fredericks, Publisher

    John Fredericks, the Godzilla of Truth, has spent more than 40 years in the media, previously working as a journalist, newspaper editor, and television host. Fredericks is an avid sports fan, journalist, and handicapper. He brings his unique voice and style, crafted by years of political commentary broadcast on the airwaves, to the world of sports. He cut his teeth on the radio announcing high school football, basketball and baseball games. His weekly column, You Can't Buy Culture, follows ebbs and flows of a diehard fan at the whims of his favorite teams.

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