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Godzilla Saturday March Madness Extravaganza!

Godzilla Saturday March Madness Extravaganza!

GODZILLA SATURDAY MARCH MADNESS EXTRAVAGANZA – Starting out at 3-1 ATS puts us in a good position to win some jack for the final four!

So let’s go!


Michigan VS. Vanderbilt -2

 While Vanderbilt has been terribly inconsistent all season, Michigan has started to win. They are 6-1 ATS in their last seven and have superior depth and size. Vanderbilt is trading on SEC pedigree, not recent results.

Pick: Michigan + 2


Northwestern VS. UCLA + 7.5

 Northwestern is a very well disciplined team and they will want to slow this game to a snails pace. What I like about the Wildcats is they have very potent guard play, which puts them in the position to control the pace. Northwestern is pesky, and they are 8-3 ATS in their last 11 games.

UCLA jettisoned UNC-Asheville, a very weak entrant, by 33 points. Northwestern will not allow UCLA to shoot the blistering 55 percent like it did Thursday night.

In a close game, UCLA is abysmal at the free throw line, hitting just 72 percent on the season.

This will be a very tight game, with an upset by the Wildcats not out of the question.

Pick: Northwestern + 7.5

Tenn. VS. Duke -3.5

 Tennessee coach Rick Barnes is a big time loser in big games. Coaches matter – as you saw in yesterday’s FDU knife fight win over Purdue.

Duke is on fire, and is playing as well as anybody in the country and will enter this game on a 10 game winning streak.

The Blue Devils have the bigs to matchup with Tennessee and are much better on the perimeter without Zakai Zeigler playing.

The Vols are 1-7 ATS in their last seven NCAA Tournament games.

Duke is 4-1 ATS in their last five NCAA Tournament games. Go Duke!

Pick: Duke -3.5


  • John Fredericks, Publisher

    John Fredericks, the Godzilla of Truth, has spent more than 40 years in the media, previously working as a journalist, newspaper editor, and television host. Fredericks is an avid sports fan, journalist, and handicapper. He brings his unique voice and style, crafted by years of political commentary broadcast on the airwaves, to the world of sports. He cut his teeth on the radio announcing high school football, basketball and baseball games. His weekly column, You Can't Buy Culture, follows ebbs and flows of a diehard fan at the whims of his favorite teams.

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