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Giants Woke-Whack Manager Kapler Gets Canned With Three Games Left

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania– 

With San Francisco literally burning to the ground in a garbage pit of looting, needles, drugs and human fecal matter, the Giants baseball owners had enough with their woke loser manager, Gabe Kapler.

They fired his sorry ass with three games to go in the season. They were so sick of Kapler and the cultural disaster he orchestrated for the once proud and contending Giants they couldn’t even wait until Sunday night.

They needed to send a message: we’re done with your nonsense. Get the hell out of here now. We’ve called security.

In May of last year, Lefty Woke Giants manager Kapler, who has made a wonderful living in America by getting paid millions of dollars to play an awesome kids game, decided to publicly diss the country who allowed his opportunity and freedom to flourish by not standing for the nation’s national anthem.

He complained at the time he no longer believed in America or it’s values. So he stood in the tunnel. Alone.

Let me be blunt: the overwhelming majority of collegiate, minor league and MLB players are God and country loving christians who believe deeply in this country and our freedoms.

Just take a look next time you watch any baseball game from college up how many players either wear a crucifix, have one tattooed on them or have it chalked on. It’s a stunning number.

How can you expect young men to respect you–when you as their manager  — can’t respect this great country?

This was Kapler’s problem as soon as he injected inhis left-wing views into the clubhouse.

You want to be political, Gabe? Go run for Congress in San Francisco, you’ll fit right in.

Just get out of my face. We love this game. It’s called America’s pastime for a reason.

Good riddance, and don’t let the door smack you in the butt on the way out.

Kapler engineered a sick culture in the Giants clubhouse. If he could not come for out for the national anthem, because it somehow offended him, how could he not expect young men to follow suit and do whatever they wanted, too?

Here’s what outfielder Mike Yastrezemski had to say to reporters, as he summed up the whole San Francisco fiasco:

“I think there was just a little, kind of fend-for-yourself atmosphere that kind of fell into place. I don’t know where it came from, but it kind of just took over where everybody could do their own thing, and it felt like it wasn’t an entire group effort or a sense of unity.”

No kidding, Mike? Could you ever imagine his uncle, the loved Carl Yastremzski, not standing for the national anthem, and instead hiding in the tunnel to make some statement?

Someday these team owners will figure out the most important aspect of running a sports team: culture matters.

That also happens to be the name of this column, and for good reason.

September 30, 2023 

MLB Pick and Analysis

Astros (-110) at D-Backs 

It’s JV time, baby. These are the games Justin Verlander lives for. He shutout Seattle Monday night in an epic eight plus inning performance.

The Astros beat Arizona’s ace Zac Gallen last night, and a win tonight clinches a playoff birth for a team that is still tottering on the edge of elimination.

Houston has now won back to back must win games to give them an opportunity to win the division.

Meanwhile the D-Backs are one Cubs or Reds loss away from clinching.

The Astros win the AL West if Seattle wins at least one of the remaining two games with Texas and Houston sweeps Arizona.

Pick: Astros (-110) 

Texas at Seattle (-142) 

The Rangers are imploding and they have to face Seattle’s ace Luis Castillo tonight. Other than losing to Verlander at home last Monday, Castillo has been virtually lights out during the stretch. Texas is a desperate, pressing team on the road with no legit closer. They are going to get bounced from the post-season.

Pick: Seattle (-142)

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