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Giants Epic Choke Job

Giants Epic Choke Job

GIANTS  EPIC CHOKE JOB – The San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers have something in common: both are choking down the stretch. While both teams looked like post season locks just a month ago, I’m now predicting neither team makes the playoffs. The Giants are a mess and their manager is running a clown show, his team is tight.

Meanwhile Texas is another example of a billionaire owner who can’t buy his way into a championship.

Culture matters. Neither of these two teams have a winning culture.


Nice day yesterday at +$330, taking our season deficit down to minus -$635. We’ve won a cool grand in two days. Let’s keep it up!

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September 3, 2023

Yankees at Houston (-140)

It’s unbelievable that every time this season the Astros look like they’re ready to get on a big roll they flounder.

Losing two games to New York at home with walks and errors is not Astro baseball. Starting pitching has been downright pathetic. They hit into three double plays last night and led these two games for a grand total one inning out of 18.

They need to win a game at home. Garcia has been awful but the the team averages 7.3 runs in his starts.

Pick: Houston (-140)

Bucs (+130) at Cards

Why not? Pittsburgh keeps winning and having fun. The Cardinals just want this nightmare season to end. Watching the Pirates win is very entertaining.

Pick: Bucs (+130)

Red Sox (-1.5 runs, -120)

Chris Sale is pissed off. He’s not at the level he wants right now and my gut tells me he takes it out on Kansas City today. Boston is hanging onto credibility for dear life.

Pick: Boston (-1.5 runs, -120)

Twins (+130) at Texas

The Rangers are in the midst of an epic collapse. Rule of law: when your opponent is imploding, get out of the way.  I’m going with land of 1,000 rakes for the sweep. The Twins offense is relentless right now.

Pick: Twinkies (+130)

Braves (-115) at Dodgers

I told you Friday Atlanta would sweep this series.

Pick: Braves (-115)

Giants at PODS (-135)

The Giants will meet the Rangers in the 2023 MLB choke bowl. Gabe Kaplan is the worst manager in baseball and the Giants  will fire his sorry ass October 1.

Pick: Pods (-135)

Jays (-1.5 runs, -140) at Rocks

Toronto coughed up a 5-0 lead last night to the worst team in the N.L. Their post season is slipping away. Kevin Gausman needs a win today.

Pick: Jays (-1.5 runs, -140)

Fish (-190) at Nats

Here comes the Marlins! No better time to get in the post season convo than to beat up on Washington! Sandy Alcantara is back with a vengenge!

Pick: Fish (-190)

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