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Flying with the Flock: Ravens at Browns Game Summary

Who Covered?

Ravens at Browns (-3) (o/u 39.5)

Ravens 3 - Browns 13

ATS (Browns -3)


Over/Under (+/- 39.5)

UNDER (19 Total Points)


Ravens at Browns Game Summary

RAVENS AT BROWNS GAME SUMMARY - That was a tragic mismanagement of a football game.

Baltimore’s run game was absolutely humming, ripping off over 7 yards per carry and gashing the Browns' defense at will. J.K. Dobbins and Gus Edwards were a dynamic one-two punch that devastated the Browns’ front.

So for some reason that’s well beyond my simpleton perspective, Greg Roman iced both of his running backs out and gave them a combined single fourth-quarter touch. He was insistent on showing the world that Tyler Huntley could win the game all by himself. Huntley proved he could not. Nearly every one of his 30 passes was in front of the sticks, refusing to apply any semblance of pressure to the Browns’ secondary.

Game Manager

The one advantage to having a game manager at quarterback is the assumption that he’ll play safe, turnover-free football. Despite averaging only 4.3 air yards per completion, Huntley also managed to throw an interception. It was a poor performance by all accounts, but it isn’t fair to expect much more from a backup quarterback.

It is reasonable to expect an NFL offensive coordinator to realize his quarterback is struggling, and subsequently make the easiest decision ever to rely on a prolific run game.

I’m at the point where I don’t even blame Roman anymore. He’s a run game coordinator in over his head trying to orchestrate an entire offense. The fanbase and media have been calling for his head for years now, but the organization refuses to bring out the guillotine.

Which brings me to this point: When was the last time all the blame fell on Harbaugh or DeCosta? Anytime the Ravens choke in the playoffs, it’s Roman who receives all the flak. If you think Harbaugh doesn’t appreciate that, you’re crazy. Roman is the scapegoat for everything, and the higher-ups don’t have the courage to cut ties with him and open themselves up to criticism.

Philosophical Failure

The days of dominant defense are over.

There will never be another 2000 Ravens that hold their opponents to 23 points across four playoff games.

Baltimore has made immense investments in their defense through free agency and the draft in hopes of reincarnating an outdated blueprint. With the way the rules are set up, and how talented and protected the modern quarterback is, a once-suffocating defense can now only pester their opponents.

Teams that win championships in today’s NFL have potent offenses. Sure, some of them also have a solid defense, but the consistent, inevitable fact is that every single one can put up points with anybody. Following this season, it’s essential that Baltimore trade for an elite, proven commodity at wide receiver.

No more attempts to develop receivers in-house, no more over-the-hill veterans, it’s time we give Lamar the support he deserves, or let him go somewhere that will. 

Look on the Bright Side

Players are humans and humans have bad days.

When Justin Tucker has two “misses” (one of them blocked) it's obvious something in the universe is awry. For this team to be trusted to deliver in the postseason, they’ll need to show signs of discovering a consistent winning formula.

Even though time is running out to get into a groove, here’s a potentially positive spin on the situation: Lamar should return and crush the lifeless remains of the 2022 Falcons next week on Christmas Eve.

While the Bengals are on fire at the moment and clearly playing like the best team in the division, success on tape is a dangerous thing in the NFL because it’s only a matter of time before defensive coordinators figure you out and the whole cyclical chase starts all over again.

Baltimore could limp into the postseason and stumble into a good game plan in their wildcard matchup that sustains them for a run. It sounds crazy right now, but this team has enough talent to get hot, and compared to the past two seasons health is on their side.


Final Thoughts

Watching this game was some of the least fun I’ve had as a fan.

It was poorly coached, and it practically rolled out a red carpet for Cincinnati’s winning another division title.

Despite this, I think this team needed a wake-up call to show them just how pathetic the passing game is, and every Ravens fan would agree that they’d rather get woken up in December than in January.

Final Grade


Atlanta Falcons @ Baltimore Ravens

Saturday, 12/14 at 1:00 pm on CBS



















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